One picture, one day, one mind. Add them together and what do you get?

1,336 words of goofyness. I just wanted to write something that might accomplish a goal that is actually mentioned in this story. Getting a smile, or even better, a laugh.

This was great fun to write. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did tapping it out on my computer at 3:00 in the morning. I am such a night owl.

Hoo hoo hoo!


Another Shade of Blue

I pick at the scrubby grass around me and watch as you bustle about the rock-lined bowl that we are currently lounging in. You always seem to need to be doing something, can you never sit still?

"Just watching you work is making me want a nap," I say.

You stop in your movements, one arm curled around a load of firewood, the other by your side, a bag full of what appears to be small rocks clutched in your hand. You look at me for a moment and then turn away to set your burdens down. "You could be helping."

"You're the one who wants a fire."

"Yes. I want a fire to make food for both of us."

I shrug and put on a smug grin. "I'm not hungry."

You snort out a laugh. "Nice try," you say. "Your stomach doesn't seem to agree."

I frown. I know that you are speaking of the loud and most embarrassing sound that it had made only ten minutes ago. A distinct growl that had actually startled the both of us while we had lain sprawled upon the ground watching the clouds.

I look down at my middle and poke it with mock annoyance. "Traitor."

You smile at me and settle down cross-legged on the ground, dumping out the bag of rocks and placing them into a circle.

"I saw it today," I say as you continue your work.

You look up at me with a question in your eyes. "Saw what?"

I hold your eyes for a moment and then look away with a smile. "You should know by now."

"What did you see?" you say. I can see the glint of curiosity beginning to show.

"I will make you a deal," I finally say. "I give you something if you give me something."

You turn your head slightly and peer at me sideways, your eyes narrowing in suspicion. "I don't make deals without more details."

I feign a hurt look. "You don't trust me?"

"Not when you have that look in your eyes."

"I do not have a look."

"Yes, you do."

"Do not."


I huff and cross my arms. "Fine, my deal is that you play a game with me and then I tell you what I saw."

You are quiet for a long moment. I can almost hear the gears turning in your head. The recognition is so sudden that I am pretty sure I hear your mind click. When you speak you are almost horrified.

"You want to play that stupid game that you were talking about yesterday!"

I grin and nod and then gain a look of resentment. "It's not stupid."

"You can keep your little secret," you say as you go back to your rock arranging. "I'm not interested."

"What are you afraid of?" I ask. "Are you scared that you might find that our minds have more in common than you would like?"


"It's not that bad," I say with a sigh. "My mind is not as scary as you would think. Maybe a little confusing at times, but it's generally a pleasant place to spend an afternoon. At least I think so."

You drop your rocks and heave a resigned sigh. "Alright," you say, "I will play your game."

I cannot contain my excitement and you grimace at my fluttering of glee.

"I'll start," I say. "Remember, just say whatever comes to mind and first to repeat loses." I pause for a moment as I think of my first move. "Tree."

You stare at me in complete silence and I motion for you to go, it is your turn after all.

"Leaves," you say.

A very predictable comeback, but I forgive you and make my move. "Crunchy."

You purse your lips. "Loud."

"Men," I say with a smile.



You laugh at that one, I am glad because it was what I was aiming for. Your laugh is something that I love to hear.

"Fun," you say with a lingering smile.



I glare at you as I realize that you have turned this game back at me. "Necessary."

You tilt your head in confusion. "Unclear."


You get it now, I see it flash in your eyes. You know that I am merely looking for a way to draw you out of the quiet and thoughtful mood that you have been in most of the day.


I am lost for a moment and then realize that you mean your sanity. Preserve it from me? Please.


You roll your eyes and continue. "Introspection."

"Confusing," I say with a wide smile.



"Ocean," you say without hesitation.


"Exactly?" you ask.

"You repeated," I say with a straight face. "You lose."

You don't even seem to notice my statement. You are on a mission.

"How in the world do you get 'exactly' from 'ocean'?"

I merely sit quietly and watch you as a smile grows on my face. Surely you will get the connection.

There, that is the moment.

"You didn't," you say with a hint of wonder. "You saw it? Really?"

I nod. "Yep, another shade of blue."

"You saw it!" you shriek with giddy happiness. "I knew you would. I told you that you would see it. I wasn't lying."

"I never thought you were," I say. "I just never thought that I would see it."

"So now you know why they gave it that name?"

I nod again. "I do. It truly is an ocean of seven colors."

You are beaming now. Your joy is even greater than I thought it would be, but it is nice. I love to see the light in your eyes. It rivals the sun above us on so many occasions and I bask contentedly in its glow every time.

"It was beautiful," I say softly. "Thank you for telling me to look."

Your smile is brilliant and you move forward to wrap me in a hug. "Thank you for paying attention."

"You see," I say into your shoulder. "I do have rational thoughts every now and then."

You pull away with a laugh and swat playfully at my shoulder. "Just keep some of them to yourself every once in a while," you say. "I am not always interested to hear all of the random things that go wandering through that mush that you call brains."

"I'll try to spare you some of my future musings," I say as you finish placing your collection of rocks and realize that your circle is incomplete.

You stand up and stretch, getting ready to go hunt for more rocks, but I remain on the ground. I watch you move away, the sun setting behind you and casting rays of warm shades of red and orange around your figure. Your hair glints in copper tones and seems to glow in the fading light.

I vaguely hear you mention something about getting up to help you, but I am caught by the image. It is as if your inner light has broken free, bursting out into the air around you and catching my breath with its brilliance.

This moment, this captivating moment, is one of the many times that I have seen your blinding inner light, but I am still held in awe every time.

You step to one side and the light of the sun shifts, erasing the glow that had shimmered around you and I am broken from my trance. It almost feels cold when it is gone and I am startled by its sudden departure.

I look up at you, your face alight with a delight still lingering from hearing that I had spotted the seventh color of the ocean, and I stand up with a laugh. Joy like yours is contagious and cannot be denied. Besides, I am hungry and you have offered to make a fire. Who am I to deny you the right to make food for us both?

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