- Your Excellency, we have visitors!

I wasn't even sure if the sun rose yet, and yet I found myself waking up from my sleep and going to the throne room. By all that is sacred, can't they give me about 2 or 3 hours more sleep? And yet I know receiving dignitaries is a very important duty for someone in my position.

- Man, this isn't really my day... Very well, who is it going to be?

- Sir, we have visitors from Korokara, just found about it this morning. The butler replied, as steadfastly as ever.

- Very well, you're dismissed.

- Sir!

With a salute, the butler left the throne room. As I sat down on the throne, my mind began racing. What would these visitors from Warakai want with me and more importantly, what business they would have with my Kingdom as whole...

After a few minutes, the double doors to the throne room flew open and I could see about 4 people, presumable the dignitaries from Warakai, walking towards me and as always, accompanied by the messenger. With a wave from my hand, the messenger took his position to the side and the dignitaries bowed down to me as per the protocol.

- Dear visitors who have come from far away, welcome to the Kingdom of Shankara.

One of the dignitaries then moved slightly closer to my throne and spoke: - Your Excellency, thank you so much for agreeing to host our humble souls. We apologize if we have interrupted anything important. But our nation is currently caught up in a fierce war. It won't be long before our nation gets completely taken over. And that is why we have came, Your Excellency. We were hoping that perhaps you're willing to lend some soldiers to our cause.

- Hmm, is that so? You came all the way from Warakai to tell me that? Why should we ever involve ourselves in a war that's so distant?

- Look, I can assure that we-

- Enough! Our Kingdom has seen peace for many decades. There's absolutely no way we would EVER send soldiers to a war that doesn't involve us. I'm afraid your trip here was a complete waste of time.

The dignitaries as expected went into a complete state of shock at these news. True, I don't want my fair Kingdom to be involved in any war. And yet those people somehow were convinced that we would be of aid.

- Does that mean you're willing to condemn us to oblivion? If we have no nation, what are we supposed to do?

- Let me think about this. It's true that you care about your nation very deeply. Go back to Warakai and tell your leader that I want to see him in person, understood? Consider this as an order.

- Yes, we shall tell him right away. You can count on us.

The dignitaries once again bowed their heads and then left the throne room.

- Well, how about I return to my beauty sleep now?