Chapter One

My doctors have told me I'd a strong chance of survival with the surgery. But the chances with the operation itself would be dangerous. Depending just how long the surgery goes to remove the thyroid, goiter and two nodules.

For Rose Marie. She was mostly scared to hear this. Ever since she'd found out from the doctors. Along with the fact. She'd gain weight. A lot of it over the space of a year. Making it very difficult for her and the friends around her to understand.

Her mood swings changed constantly during this time. Including the relationship she was having with her boyfriend. Even though at age 21. Her boyfriend Davidson had asked her to marrying him in such a short period of time. And only just after knowing each other for five months.

She'd considered this a little too quick in her eyes. And mostly of her parents constantly fighting. Because of the father trying to stopping his drinking binges. While her mother Dorothy having to be a heavy chain smoker.

The doctors had advised her to try and stop smoking. Before she suffers wit a stroke or major heart attack. Currently she is suffering with diabetes, and she needs to watch out on what she's eating at this particular time.

Rose Marie was heading to see her boyfriend. When she feels some what strange. She's been feeling like wanting to cry at times. And when the doctors had explained to her about the hormonal changes. She needed to be on some type of medication. Including any type of blood tests in order to know just how low or high the condition might be.

But for now. Her mother had called for an appointment. She was lucky in that aspect. The doctors were all working together to help her to know. Just what exactly was wrong with her in general.

She hated to be acting this way. Especially in front of all of her friends either at work or home.

However in a space of time. Her overall appearance started to change for the worst. Besides with the weight gain, nervous, muscle spasms with her back, legs and most of all the back of her neck. Besides the short term memory lost to really have her upset further.

Another issue. Trying to sleep at nights. As the condition started to continued to be much worst. So did her breathing with the goiter. To the point of choking her. This would certainly scare anyone. Wondering on whether anyone in particular was able to wake up.

Rose Marie had read in the medical journals. The thyroid has the tendency to make anyone tire. And could sleep for hours and still be totally exhausted.

This one particular night. She needed to visit her boy friend and tell him about the possible surgery is going to be done on her. In order to at least correct the problems. Her doctors, along with the insurance company would be able to help out some what with the payments And having to be some what expensive.

Even though if everything goes well. She would only be staying in the hospital for four days. As compared to years ago.

This night. Jeremy Davidson walking into the living area of his apartment. Sensing Rose Marie's mood swing. Knowing full well anything could happen with this type of surgery. He came over to her sitting on the couch with the tv remote trying to find something of interest on the tube.

She tells him the following. " I am scare about all this Jeremy. I just hope to god. I don't freak out going into the operating room. Promised me when its over, you will be able to be by my side after waking up." She replied trying to stay some what calm for the moment. Even though she knew. It was not possible on her account.

"Sweetie. I will try. okak." As he sits down next to her to finally watch a old star trek episode of the original.

Even though she wasn't interested. He understood for the most part. Trying to be patience for when it came to their relationship. Hopefully for now until after the surgery. Things between them will be some what better.

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