Chapter Five


After speaking with the therapist afterwards. I was feeling some what better. In regard to the vision and what it might mean for me and the future.

Otherwise health wise. In general It was going to take my system a long time to adjust to the major changes. Now that I no longer have a thyroid gland or the two nodules on the side having been taken out. In order for me to breath once again. Other wise making it harder with eating and chewing of my foods.

However. When I was finally able to take my first bite of food in the hospital. It'd felt like there was a deep void with just nothing for me to feel. It was scary trying to swallow. It was a good thing I'd water by me. Or else I would of choked to death right inside of my hospital room.

The other change was the medication. I will for the rest of my life. I will be taking thyroid medication to control my entire chemistry from either gaining or losing a great deal of weight.

This includes any emotional, physical and mental issues. Otherwise I will be able to continue on with what ever life I will have once I leave the hospital.

And from what I understand. I will be able to go home in a few days. Even though with my neck looking like Frankenstein for the moment. Every time the drain needs to be cleaned to freak out some of the family members and my bridal party.

Otherwise I will just deal with things as they come. As with speaking with a therapist for when ever the need arises.

However I will always know for a fact. Once I leave the hospital and start to live once again. My guardian angel will always be my side. No matter just how long I will live.

The End