Strangers No More-The Meeting

His P.O.V.

I find myself, wondering in the dark
I turn around thinking if these lights would ever spark
No shadows behind me, no dogs barking
No footsteps to be heard, no cat screeching,
No birds flying, no words being spoken
But only silence, silence in the dark
Pacing myself slowly yet careful-
Not to disturb anything. It was serene.
Though this silence is longing for something
Or is it I that yearns for someone?
I dare not ask myself why…

I gaze my head up-to see the contour
of angel. Beautiful she was.
I must be dreaming
Yet my heart screaming…
Her heavenly eyes, her radiant hair
There was nothing I can do but stare
She is beautiful brimming with light
To my eyes what a wonderful sight
What I felt in the dark
Now seems to spark


Her P.O.V.

Who is this that I see?
My heart is pounding, what could this be?
The moon starts to shine, the stars are glowing,
The sky is clearing projecting a heavenly scene
The wind blows cool, I dare not say I'm a fool
What a friendly face in front of me
Though I do not know if he could be trusted
That is only my mind speaking. Nothing more.
Yet my heart says it's all right. Further more.
Voices inside me, speaking relentlessly.
Why? What is this all about?

I cannot stop looking at him
For I am lost in his dazzling eyes
It felt as if I could read through his soul and mind
What a warm feeling. I was lost in him…
I wan to ask you, but don't feel blue
I know that you haven't got a clue
"Are you the one who will fill the hole in my heart?"
How silly to ask when our worlds are far apart
I want you what I want you to be
And that is, if you could be with me