Strangers No More-Questions

His and Her P.O.V.

Are you the one for me? Truly the one.
Are we meant for each other? That I don't know.
My feelings are so strong, can't you sense it?
I do, yes I can. But should I listen to it?

Tell me your name and I will tell you mine
I know it's one big game we're playing;
I can assure you we'll be fine
Don't be afraid I will be gentle
I won't be selfish, you can trust me,
I won't lie, I will be honest
Now I'm making a promise just for you

A promise-I've heard of them
Some are kept-some are broken-
It's so common I hear it everywhere
Yet when I look at you
Why-as if I already knew you
You're the kind of person who seems loving and caring
But all I can say is that
We're strangers…


Her P.O.V.
Looking into your eyes I can see pain
Depression and despair
I want to help you in every way I can
Will you let me be?
I am here for you

His P.O.V.
Come, come closer to me my sweet
You are the one I've been searching for
My heart is aching, please mend it
That's all I ask of you

Her P.O.V.
Of course, I will help you
I am closer to you now
Tell me where it hurts, I will heal it
There-you say-your heart shattered
Your chest is beating persistently
As I touch it. You needed me.
You finally found me and I found you
I step up to you, my feelings changed
Scared no more…