I don't exactly know what happened. All I know is that I had this life that wasn't entirely normal, but wasn't extraordinary either. One minute, I was just Alexandra Sanders, and I was dealing with things like annoying, over-bearing brothers and bad teachers who assigned too much work on the weekends, and the next minute, I was attending a posh private school on the other end of the country on full scholarship and learning things about my family I didn't necessarily want to know. I still wish I didn't know some of the stuff I've learned.

Things started getting strange about four months ago. It had been three months since we had moved out of Aunt Genevieve's house and had started living on our own. And I don't mean strange like ew, what the heck is that thing coming out of the shower drain—though, sharing one bathroom with four teenage boys certainly did allot interesting plumbing adventures—I mean strange as in being tracked by family members you didn't know existed as well as being kept safe under the watchful eye of a protection program for the filthy rich.

I start noticing things that ought not to have been noticed. And the more I saw, the weirder things got. I was beginning to lose track of what I'd actually seen and what I'd seen in my nightmares. In all honesty, there wasn't much of a difference. Still, I thought it best to have something to reflect on—something concrete, something that wasn't subject to change of whimsical thoughts. So I kept a journal—a detailed journal. Date, times, places; what I saw, smelt, heard, felt; anything you can think of, if it applied, it was in the journal.

How was I supposed to know someone would get their hands on it? When they did, though, that's when things really started getting weird; even weirder than being followed by men in trench coats, and mysterious conversations taking place in dark hallways. That's when I started learning.

Whoever said ignorance is bliss was really onto something.

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