Sergeant Miller knocked again, harder. "Just a minute!" someone called from inside. They heard a door shut and and a few things being moved around. The door opened. A man – "bland" was the best way to describe him, stood there. He looked at Sergeants Miller and Jones, eventually his eyes slid to George. George gave him a polite nod.

"Excuse me, sir." Jones said. "May we come in? We believe someone may have tried to break into your house."

"Thieves? Again?" the man said, outraged. "What is this area coming to? I just stopped a thief last week! You are not doing your job!"

"May we come in sir?" Sergeant Miller asked patiently.

"No you may not! I just got home and I can assure you that there is no one in my house besides me!"

George shifted his weight and looked past the man, into the kitchen. A door, probably leading to a cellar, stood slightly ajar. He crooked his fingers and whispered a spell. The hinges squeaked and the door opened lightly. He whispered another spell and there was a shadowy suggestion of a person ducking behind the door. Jones saw it and nudged his partner. George released the spell and it faded away. He released the first spell and the door rocked back.

"Sir," Sergeant Miller said, pushing past the man and going inside, "May we look in your cellar?"

The man's reaction was immediate. "What? No! You can't go in there!" He tried to run in front of the Sergeant. Jones put a hand out to grab him, and he slipped away, running towards the door. Both Guardsmen stepped quickly after him.

George reached around behind him and grabbed Claire's wrist. He dragged her around in front of him. "When I let you go, run for the cellar. When I give you the signal, run up to the Guardsmen and tell them you've found something down there."

"Run to th' Piglets? Are ya crazy? They'll lock me up!" She hissed.

"Just do as I say. Nothing will happen to you."

She looked nervously at the Guardsmen who were still struggling with the man. She looked back at George, chewing her lip, then suddenly broke away from him and ran down into the cellar. George reached for the thread he had taken from her and pulled out the bow.