Panic is a universal emotion that nearly everybody feels at some point in their lives. What causes this emotion can range from a number of things. Whether it is perceived embarrassment or the unknown itself, panic always finds a way to tap into even the calmest of people.

What many people don't know is that there's another side to panic that they don't always see. Every moment of panic adds to creating a creature that only the victim can see. It starts out harmlessly enough as a simple shadow that may follow you from place to place. It will maybe cross your path on occasion, but will most likely go unnoticed.

The real problem occurs for those who are far more likely to have consistent panic attacks. The ominous shadows then take the form of voices and harsh whispers in your head. You'll rest your head on the pillow of your bed, desperately finding some way to cope with your anxieties. Unfortunately for you, Panic is also aware of this and will take advantage of the situation.

The final stage of Panic is its physical form. What sets Panic apart from others is that its appearance all depends on the type of panic one experiences, along with other personal details in their lives. Someone who may fret over being late regularly may see Panic as a shadowy humanoid with skin that prickles, giving off the sound of a ticking clock. People who experience panic over insects will see an enlarged version of the very insect they detest.

The most common form of Panic seems to be humanoid, as many people tend to worry about how others may perceive them.

Panic will only grow from that point on, tormenting you until you're nothing more than a nervous wreck in fear of everything around you. Once it has you in a vulnerable position, Panic will overtake your mind and convince you to end your life. Anybody who does this will forfeit their soul to panic, allowing it to keep your soul from moving on. The end result is that you spend the rest of your existence as a soul aimlessly wandering the world in search for a moment of peace that you'll never experience again.

Anybody reading this should take the time to warn people about the existence of Panic. It will only continue to exist and thrive if people are left unaware. Heed my warning and stay safe.