White… that's all that I could see. I wasn't sure where it came from, but all I could see was that blinding, sterile, white when I had opened my eyes.

Where am I? I wondered futilely to myself. The room was quiet, almost too quiet if it weren't for the faint humming of what I assumed were fluorescent lights. As I listened even closer, I could hear the faint ticking of a clock.

How long have I been here? Panic creeps into my chest the more I think about what had happened. I could feel my breathing speed up, and all I could think was that I was breathing too fast.

I opened my mouth in an attempt to call out to someone, anyone. My mouth was so dry, my tongue was sticking to the roof of my mouth. I tried to yell, but I didn't even manage to get a whisper out.

Thousands of questions started streaming into my mind, almost all at once. What happened? Where am I? Why can't I speak? How long have I been here? Is there anyone here with me? Where is here?!

Before I was able to think of another question, a dark figure approached from the corner of my eye, the face too shadowed to make out who it was. They came closer, and closer but never said anything. I blinked my eyes rapidly to clear my vision, and wishing too late that I would have just closed them instead. The first thing that I was able to see clearly, was a large needle going for my neck.

I tried to thrash, twist, pull, and do everything that I could do get away from the needle that was slowly inching it's way towards my carotid artery. That's when it hit me.

Why can't I move?! As I thought that, I finally caught a glimpse of the person hovering above me.

"Hello, darling," a deep, velvety voice that I know all too well murmurs above me. "Its time for you to get some rest," he says softly, a devilish smile playing on his lips.

"Gabe?" I whisper, finally finding my voice just before he jabbed the large needle into my artery, injecting a bright red substance into me.

He managed to get a small amount of the liquid inside of me before I felt my muscles start tensing up painfully, tremors passing through my body.

And then it was black.