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September the twelfth started out as any normal day. I did my regular routine: my alarm went off at five thirty that morning, I got out of bed, got dressed, ate a quick breakfast, grabbed my school bag and went to school. I ran a couple laps on the track, went inside, showered and dressed in clean clothes, and then went to my locker to start my school day. Just like every other day for the past two school years.

But this day wasn't going to stay the same. I didn't know it then, but I was about to meet someone who would eventually change my entire life. In a good or bad way, that is debatable.

Let me start from the beginning . . .

Andy and I, we had a system. Well, it wasn't really a system, just an understanding. We were best friends. On that we could agree. But we never have and never will like each other in any way to go out/date. It just won't happen. As Andy told me when we first met freshman year; "I'm never going to go out with you, because you're not my type and I don't ever foresee you being my type." And hey, that worked for me. Andy has dated several girls since then in search of 'the one'. I dated one guy on my track team sophomore year, but it didn't work out, and I haven't dated since then. Not that I was super hung up on the guy, I just didn't feel like dating. I never really saw a point, and I was perfectly happy being single and doing my own thing. I had Andy, who provided steady - albeit sometimes obnoxious - company, and, being the introvert I am, it worked splendidly for me.

And then came Ian Harris.

I was walking into robotics when Andy waved me over to where he was. "Sam, my mam! Git over here!"

Yeah, sometimes Andy thought he was rather clever in the nickname giving department.

I waved back to him and made my way over there, greeting a few of my teammates as I went. When I joined Andy, I noticed the new face in the crowd. He had honey blonde hair styled, I admit, quite nicely. It was almost on the long side, and swooped up to stick up in a stylish/fluffy way. It didn't look bad. It was kind of a preppy sort of look. He had really nice green eyes, and a slightly more chiseled face - but it wasn't the hard chisel, it was definitely the soft chisel. He had what I guessed to be one of the typical male builds - he was slim, but had a decent amount of muscle, and had kind of broad shoulders. They were definitely broader than Andy's. He had a nice smile too. It was friendly and welcoming - very charismatic in a way.

"What is he doing here?" I demand, pointing an accusing finger at the male seated next to my best friend.

"Sam, this is my friend Ian. He's homeschooled, and his parents are out of town for the week, so he's staying with me. I thought I'd bring him along for a day. Ian, this is Sam, the person I was telling you about."

I wave. I am not sure about homeschoolers. I haven't met any until now, but the idea that you can get your school done at home - while being taught by your mom - baffles me, and I don't think it can work. Yeah, I'm kind of adamantly against homeschooling.

He smiles. "It's nice to meet you. Although, no offense, but Andy didn't mention you were a girl." Well, ouch. I kick Andy, who winces. Ian hurries on. "I'm not saying that's a bad thing! I think it's really cool that you're comfortable going by Sam. A lot of girls want to keep their full names or make up ones that are super girly to be called. I like that you're comfortable with a name that's more unisex."

Wow, he is smooth. I sort of like him already. "Thanks."

"Sam isn't really your girly-girl type," Andy butts in. "She's into robotics and sports, and boring stuff like English and writing. She's on the track and field team in the spring, and the cross country team in the fall."

"That's cool," Ian comments. I shrug. "Skirts aren't really my thing," I reply honestly.

"Yeah, they're not mine either. I don't think I'd look good in one. What do you think, Andy?" Ian stands and turns to our friend, picking up his jacket and fashioning it like a skirt. "Don't I look amazing?" He asks in a higher pitched voice. Andy and I crack up. "You definitely would look terrible in a skirt," Andy manages to wheeze out. Ian deflates and sits down. "Darn. I was planning on going drag."

"I would highly advise against it," I laugh.

Maybe this homeschooler isn't so bad after all. He certainly doesn't seem sheltered like I hear homeschoolers are supposed to be. And he is funny. He would fit in mine and Andy's clique very well.

"So," I sit next to Andy and turn to him, "how long have you known Ian?"

Andy does that annoying "PPPPFFFFFFF" spitting thing he does, like I'm stupid and should totally know the answer to this. "Ian and I have only known each other like, our whole lives. We're pals."

"So, why haven't I met him before this?"

"Whoa, Sammi, it's not like you're my girlfriend and have to know every single little thing about my life, gosh."

I frown. I wasn't being like that, I was just curious.

Ian leans past Andy to speak to me. "Andy and I don't hang out too often, especially since high school, where he tells me he met you."

"Oh. Yeah."

"Freshman year, baby," Andy exclaims in his Andy way and sling his arm over my shoulders. "I can't believe a girl has actually put up with me for this long, but somehow, this saint does it."

"Sometimes this saint wonders how she managed to put up with you for so long," I retort sourly. He gasps dramatically and grabs his heart, leaning away from me. "I'm wounded!"

"You'll get over it," I reply. I turn to Ian. "Do you stay with Andy very often?"

"Actually, no," he answers. "I think this is the first time I've stayed when it wasn't like, a sleepover for his birthday when we were kids or something like that. My parents don't go out of town very often. My dad owns his own business, and my mom opened her own beauty parlor a several years back. It's been doing really well."

"Cool. Where is it?"

"It's near the plaza mall."

"Wait. Your mom owns Doux Plaisir?!" I exclaim. His eyes widen slightly. "Uh . . . yeah?"

"I love that place!" I exclaim. "It's the best salon in town. I only trust Beverly to cut my hair. No other stylist can make it look the way I want."

"Hey, Beverly is my mom."

"What? No way."


"That's so cool. Beverly is amazing."

"Yeah, she's a pretty cool mom."

Andy snaps his fingers, looking annoyed. "Hello, include me, okay? Feeling left out here."

"Well, I'm sorry you always refused to go to the salon with me."

"If I went to the salon with you, people would think I was gay. Or worse - your boyfriend."

"You're a jerk sometimes," I retort. I turn back to Ian. "Where does your dad work?"

"He owns a woodworking business. He makes special orders as well as the main products he keeps in stock, and we also teach free classes once a week."

"Wow, that's so cool."


"I remember when your dad used to help us make boxes and cars and stuff," Andy tells Ian. Ian smiles. "Yeah, that was great! Wow, it's been a long time since we did that."

"Yeah, it has."

"Hey, Sam, I need some help over here!" One of the girls call. I excuse myself and go over to help her. I briefly hear Ian and Andy talking as I'm walking away. "Sam is really nice," Ian says. "Yeah, she's great," Andy replies. "She also has a really cute butt, but don't tell her I said that."

Oh, he's dead.

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P.S. I was homeschooled, and yes, you can be taught at home by your mom, and for some people it's their dad, and it rocks! I could go to school in my PJs, lol. And no, we're not all sheltered, although I do know some families that are. Overall, it's a cool experience.


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