June 27, 2017

Today is the first of many days that I'll be spending in this small town. I've arrived here to investigate on the "House of Aria," as it's known. It's the house where the singing spirit is said to live. Locals here seem to believe everything about the story without question. I even had one of them stop me and tell me everything he knew about it. The story is that the house was once home to a wealthy family. This family had a little girl named Aria that visitors would describe as quiet and polite. One day the girl went missing and her parents did everything they could to find her, only to find nothing.

Years later and her spirit is said to be heard singing. Those who come into contact with her return with all emotion drained from them. You can apparently see all the hope and positivity drained from their eyes. They just sit in place staring aimlessly at nothing. I'm not really sure how much of this I believe. Most of these stories are just exaggerations of past events that become increasingly outlandish as time goes on. I'm only here because I have an obsession with this stuff and an unhealthy desire to experience it. I've done this before with other allegedly haunted places and only found disappointment. The Long-Fingered creep never showed up and the Keeper of Souls was nothing more than a waste of time.

So I'm here in my hotel and looking over the tiny scraps of literature I have on this place. The family sold expensive textiles and made quite the living off of it, especially by the standards of this tiny town. People would seek them out just to get a hole of them. There isn't much on Aria herself. All I can find are little columns in the local paper that talk about the haunting.

I'm planning on visiting the house tomorrow. I drove by it on the way here and found it to be a little underwhelming. It's just an English Tudor that happens to be larger than most. I was expecting a mansion by the way locals were describing it. Still, there does seem to be something off about it. It might be the abnormally tall grass or the empty windows.

I've probably rambled on enough. Tomorrow I'll be updating the journal with my observations of the place. Wish me luck. Hopefully something happens.