Arianna sighed dismally, glancing emptily out the window at the steely waves and the equally grey sky above them. Another day wasted, another day that would've been better spent doing… anything. Anything besides the humdrum monotony her life had become, same songs every day, same food, same schedule – nothing ever different, her life as featureless and sullen as the weather. Alone, young, she longed for excitement – and, hard as she'd tried, she could not forget the instance, two years ago, when she'd gone up in a flying saucer and seen the stars beyond the atmosphere, nor the episode, a year before that, when she'd met her extraterrestrial friend.

Despite her dour mood, a slight smile lifted her lips at the thought of the gentle alien into whom she had literally run. She didn't know if he and his people would ever return to Earth – part of her, the selfish part, hoped they would, but her common sense inexorably pointed out that every time they came near they risked discovery, capture, and worse. At this glum thought, the small smile fell into a depressed sigh.

A sudden impulse seized her, brought on by nostalgia. Glancing at the clock, Arianna hopped to her feet, grabbing a kerchief and her diary and running out her door. Her feet carried her with swift purpose down to the beach – too swift, too purposeful, really, for a nighttime stroll, but her excess energy would not allow her to slow and meander as she usually did. A cool breeze dusted her shoulders, causing her to shiver, and she tilted her head back to drink in the moonlight and stars. Clouds drifted, obscuring the night sky, and a scowl knitted her forehead. Water lapping at her toes alerted her that she had marched all the way down the ocean. Depressed and slightly confused at herself, she stopped, frowning out over the waves at the horizon.

A light tap at her shoulder made her turn, the tension leaving her body in a rush, a bright smile lighting up her face. He grinned back, glancing down at her diary. Without hesitation, she handed it to him, watching as he flipped open the back cover and started drawing. He handed it back and she studied the drawing, trying to divine the meaning. Herself, climbing aboard the starship with him – well, that was easy enough. But for how long? The last time, it had only been twenty-four hours, but was that offer the same now? Or was it for longer? And how to depict time to a being that she wasn't even sure had anything comparable to a clock? Looking up at him quizzically, she gestured toward the sun and swept her hand to the west before shrugging.

His face lit up in a brilliant grin, yet his eyes remained slightly anxious as he repeated her gesture before spinning, arms out. Arianna's eyes widened – a year? Or… forever? The thought of leaving Earth for good scared her – but not, perhaps, as much as it should. She had nothing here, no friends, no attachments, her job was hardly important, she could be replaced the next day with no problem – really, she had no reason to stay. A shiver wracked her whole body at the magnitude of the proposal to which she was agreeing – and she nodded eagerly.

He smiled, eyes lighting up, as he offered her his hand. She clasped it, allowing him to lead her up the steps of the saucer, excitement coursing through her. Arianna didn't even look back as her silhouette was swallowed up by the unearthly light of the open door.

I'm not usually a proponent of escapism, but on the other hand, Arianna had no responsibilities to tie her down, either. This song was actually inspired by Styx - the first in this series to be inspired by a song - Come Sail Away.

This is the last in this little series, I don't anticipate writing any more after this one. So, yes, this is the end.

I always hate last lines, as much as I hate titles. I can never find anything good for either... just think of this one as watching a movie. (Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a good example here.)