"Sera! What the flying fuck do you think you're doing with my room?!"

"Cleaning." I replied simply, sitting up to face the fuming figure at the door.

"Why the fuck are you cleaning?! Again?!"

I shrugged, "I wonder why."

"This is the fifth time this week, and the twenty-seventh time this month. Stay out of my room will you?" He snapped, thoroughly vexed.

"I can't help it, your room bothers me, it also smells in here. I can either throttle you first and clean it, or clean it without needing to throttle you." I sound robotic, maybe I should employ as a robotic cleaning maid in the future. Yes, that sounds very appealing.

My brother pinched the bridge of his nose, his left eyebrow twitched, "Seraphina. Get out of my room will you? In fact, just stay out of it for the rest of your life."

"I'm afraid that is not possible," His eyebrow twitched again. "If you suddenly get your period, lose your homework, get depressed, start cutting yourself, or decide to jump out the window for fun, I'll have to barge in and save your ass."

"Sera. Out." Oh no, here comes the threat, "Or I will burn your entire collection of books."

Though that didn't sound convincing, he did in fact burn a couple of my books before, claiming it was unintentional and he thought they were chicken wings for barbeque. Unfortunately, my bitch of a brother, being the older one, had the perks of always being right.

Nevertheless, the moment the words "burn" and "books" registered in my mind, I was out the door and scurrying back to defend my castle of books. He had a scary glint in his eyes, that meant he was serious.

Trust me, my brother is unpredictable. But then again, so am I. Family inheritance I guess.

I enter my perfectly organized room, everything inside so clean it's almost sickening to others. Every piece of furniture lacked even a tiny strand of dust particle.

No one infiltrates this room and taints its immaculate-ness. I won't let them.

I squat down by my bed, reaching underneath to reveal the latest book I'd taken interest in. Wondering why I keep that one under my bed? The last time I left a book I was reading out in the open, my brother seized the chance and gave it to the neighbors' dog. That drooling beast scares the crap outta me. How is it that he growls at me every time I pass the house, but when my brother comes by, the puppy is more like a harmless bunny?

Anyways, it's a beautiful Saturday afternoon, in which homework is barely thought about, and time is wasted on everything that lacks the word 'productive'.

So I plopped down on my bed, pulling my mango plushie close, flipping open my book, and letting myself drown in a story of two young lovers.

Afterall, what better way to spend your Saturday than to waste precious time on everything that lacks the word 'productive'?



He yawned.

And yawned again.

Was his goddamn banshee of a sister he had ever gonna stop?

He swore she'd been screaming her head off for hours and hours and hours now. Seriously, how does one manage to incessantly scream and shout for so long? Does her throat not hurt or something?

James leaned back on his elbows, gazing up towards the azure sky. Struggling painfully, to shut out Judie's constant reprimanding to literally everyone and everything she saw.

Currently she was snapping at a harmless plant, lecturing one of the poor mover guys about handling her stuff, all the while yelling at James to get up and do something.

"UGH! What kind of plant is this! Move your fucking leaves away, don't even touch me you fucking disgusting green blob. Don't touch me you stupid plant, can't you understand some simple command!?"

He had not the slightest idea how he was related to this thing.

"Um excuse me sir, you're supposed to handle our things more carefully! No, no, no, NO! You don't put it down like that! You put it down like this! And put my things on top of the others, I cannot afford to have them crushed! Hey! I said, put my things above the other shit, because like, my things actually matter!"


"JAMES! Get. UP. Stop being such a lazy asshole! Get up and actually do stuff! Start by moving everything out my room, those dumbass bastards can't do a thing properly! Hey stop ignoring me James! Don't just lie there, do something! Ugh, why do I even have such a lazy bastard brother. You don't even do anything James, get up and start helping around! Stop ignoring me James! James! JAMES!"

How on earth did he get such an obnoxious little sister? Actually, she seemed more of a brat lately, maybe she's PMSing.

James leaned his head back onto the grass of his front yard, watching the clouds drift about. A bird chirped somewhere in the forest behind his house. The forest they would always play in, when they were little every summer. Her least favourite season, she'd say.

Summer was his favourite, because he got to see her. Now, it only served has a reminder of before.

He wondered what she's up to now.

He wondered if she still kept it.

He hoped she hadn't fallen for someone yet.

He hoped her heart is waiting for him, just like his pulled towards her.


A small eight year old girl crouched on the grassy bank of a small creek, eyebrows drawn in concentration and her small hands rummaged among the grass.

"What are you doing?" A boy-ish voice sounded from above.

The aforementioned girl glanced up, before continuing her search with a slight scowl. "Go away Jay, I'm busy."

Jay didn't budge- he never was one to, "Busy doing what?"

"Go away." The girl grumbled, tucking a lock of brown hair that was almost glowing hazel against the setting sun.

"Tell me what you're doing first." The stubborn boy was starting to irritate her now.

"No. Go away Jay."

"Tell me first."

"Go away, you're annoying."

"Tell me or I won't go away."

By now the girl had stood up, staring at him unable to fathom why he wouldn't leave her alone. Jay stared back at her, adamantly.

"Phina!" Another voice resounded from behind her, "Mommy said you have to hurry up with your search or else she'll leave you behind."

She spun around to glower at her brother, "Seth, I told you not to call me 'phina'. And tell mommy I'll be back soon, she won't bear to leave me behind anyways."

Seth shrugged, "Okay Phinnie." He turned away, running back to his mother.

The girl turned back to see Jay peering strangely at her. "What are you looking for?"

She crouched back down, ignoring him.

"Did you lose something?" He pressed.

"I'm looking for a four-leafed clover, okay?" She said exasperatedly, "Now go away James."

"Why?" Jay curiously asked, ignoring the irritating fact that she'd used his full name.

She mumbled, "I wanna make a wish."

Unexpectedly, the almost nine year old boy dropped down by her side, mimicking her movements in the grass.

"What are you doing?" The girl frowned at him. He wasn't teasing her?

"Looking for your four-leafed clover."

After almost an hour of wordless searching between the two children, as the sun reached the horizon, Jay cried out, "I found it!"

He'd never forget the way her eyes lit up as a grin spread across her face, or the warmth that enveloped his body as she threw her arms around him.

Neither would she forget the way her heart thumped as he handed her the clover.

And she was too preoccupied with making her own wish, to notice the second clover he held in his chubby almost nine year old hands.

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