You know those stories where the hot, popular guy and his friends mostly ignore, but also sometimes make fun of the not-so-skinny, nerdy girl who walks the halls. That is, until the story goes that she disappears for a summer and comes back all transformed into a bombshell ready to take her revenge. And that usually includes making said popular guy fall for her?

Well, I'm the popular guy everyone wants and wants to be; the guy who is supposed to be the king of everything and dates the hottest girl in school, who, of course, also happens to be the head cheerleader.

And you know that nerdy girl I mentioned, before the whole transformation-revenge part?

Well…she's actually my best friend and I've been in love with her since the second grade.

Too bad no one can ever find out that our relationship exists.


A/N: New short story? (Hopefully it is short…but I have yet to make one of those.) What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading!