In the middle of a grand hall, where the surrounding walls and ceiling glistened with star like gems, a young women bound to the white marble floor. Golden rope tied around her wrists and nailed to the ground, keeping her from running from judgment or from using any of her powers. Circling her were five platinum white orbs of light, floating several feet in the air. However the young women kept her head down, her face seamed to hold no panic or any other emotions but her eyes didn't lie.

"The time has come, to pass judgment on you Gylil Lanniel." Spoke one of the orbs. A wraith like force emitted from the orb, sending goosebumps down Gylil's back. "Although there were times that we've overlooked your practices for years we cannot let your recent actions could have lead to total chaos!"

The anger leaking from the orbs didn't seem to bother Gylil. "Humph, a human using the dark arts, his poisoned heart is dead set on our domain, was so close to obtaining his greatest desire. I try to stop him but somehow given a trial."

"We are fully aware of what is happening! But the six of us swear an oath to NEVER reveal ourselves!" Claimed another orb.

Gylil glared at the orbs. "And look at what has happened so far! Someone is trying to raise a kingdom that I was ordered to protect! The magic they've acquired is nothing like I've ever seen, but you want me to just grow more vines around the castle to keep them at bay? Those plants didn't have a chance against their power, I did what must be done, to show them that I was no pushover!"

"So you presented yourself to a mere necromancer!? He poses no threat to us but you decide to break our most sacred oath!"

"But this 'mere necromancer' was able to get through! Somehow he has knowledge of our weaknesses! Sooner or later he will try again, then destroy us then out realm!" Shouted Gylil.

"ENOUGH!" Another orb bellowed. "Our minds are made up! You broke the oath and you will be punished!"

Suddenly the 5 orbs grew brighter and brighter. The orbs began to change, taking human shape. The first orb took the shape of a middle aged woman, slightly wrinkled slightly tan skin, long gray and black hair halfway pulled into a bun letting the rest cascade down her back. A few locks settled on her chest. She stood straight and her head held high, dressed in a bright sky blue and white dress. A dark blue corset with a gold belt fastened around her hips. Upon her head was an intricate crown, with gold and gemstone beads hanging from the band and 5 gold points with blue gemstones embedded in them.

The second orb transformed into a middle aged man, his tan skin showed years of knowledge and wisdom. As he stood proud dressed in a dark blue undershirt, a brown sash tied around his waist and a dark red robe draped over his body. Placed on his short white hair was a tall gold crown.

The third orb took the shape of a man looking much younger than the first two. He had a muscular frame, sporting a dark leather tunic and reddish orange armor patterns making the armor look like it was on fire. On his right hip laid a magnificent sword that gleamed brightly in the light and a Spangenhelm on his head. Draped on his back was a large bow and a quiver filled with white feathered arrows.

The last two orbs transformed into twins, one a man the other a woman both had fair skin and long black hair. The brother dressed in a green robe with dark green tassels on his shoulders and dark green sash with silver embroidery tied around his waist. The sister dressed in a rich red under dress with gold embroidery and solid red sheer overcoat with large sheer bell sleeves. A black corset fastened around her waist and a gold belt around her hips and draped over her shoulders was a snow white fur.

"Gylil, we know that your intentions was for our safety, but breaking out first and oldest oath can not go unpunished." The young woman turned to the older gentleman, her eyes pleading for someone to understand her actions. "However we must not overlook the need for a guardian, and seeing that this necromancer knows the location of the sapphire we must act." He said.

The older lady turned to him, her eyes wide and filled with panic. "My love, you don't mean,"

"Yes! As guardians we must do what's best for our realm!" He turned back to Gylil. "I believe its time for the prophecy to move forward! Gylil, your punishment is reincarnation! And you are to guide the new guardian in using her powers." He ordered.

"WHAT!?" Everyone shouted.

"Father, this is insane! She doesn't deserved a second chance! And do you think that a human from this realm could make a responsible guardian." Shouted one of the twins.

"Yes I do...but it won't be a human from this realm."