So, first day at College, main subjects are mathematics, physics and chemistry, the sun is here. Must be a good day for me? Well honestly, I don't really care. Yesterday, one of my favorite series ended up on a cliffhanger, so I couldn't know if my one true pairing would be true... In brief, I lost faith in humanity. And today? These subjects, not even biology. I hate these subjects so much but I have to do them because I am a little bit lost, I don't really have a dream job, thus if my mom thought I should do that, why not? Well now I regret that, but I don't want to create any more drama in my mom's life. High School and Elementary School were terrible, my mom spend days crying because she was desperate about my friends and love problems. However, now I realized that if people don't want to be my friends, it means they don't realize that I am awesome, which means they are dumb as fuck, which means that I will spend another decade without any friend... My mom drove me to the College, giving me motivational speeches and social advices but half of me was busy, thinking about science nightmares and loneliness. A part of me wish to be popular and loved by everybody while another part of me seeks to become a mistress of darkness who will destroy this world with an army of unicorns puking acid rainbows.

I snap out of this dreamy vision when we arrive in front of this dreadful place, College TIN TIN TIN! Ohhh, Mom, why can you be my BFF? I mean, my Mom is already my BFF, but why she can't come with me in College, I don't care if people laugh at us, at least I won't be alone. Walking out of the car, I smile at my mom and hug her.

"Leo, if something happens, call me and I'll come, okay my teddy bear?," Mom appeased me.

My cheeks turn slightly pink as I notice some amused glances.

"Mom, people will hear you.," I whispered while I want to yell Please do not let me here.

"Haha, don't worry. You can do it Leo, maybe you will bring me a girl!," My Mom motivated me with this and her sunlit smile.

The color of my cheeks was almost scarlet as I grumble "Mom!," before chuckling with myself that at least, I have chances to bring her a real bear...

My Mom tapped my shoulder as I exited the car "See ya. I love you a lot lot lot my son.,"

"See ya, I love you too a lot lot lot lot mom.," I told her while the window closed, when I saw Riverbank College, I mentally shout Is she driving away? Why?!

So, Mom just returned home, the lucky one. Hey, there is a group of girls hangin' here, I should talk to them! Oh shit, they are laughing, what if it is about me? And why they are already hanging out together? It is already the first day and people already had a lot of friends and I am totally isolated, rejected and abandoned... Leo, Leo, don't be stupid, these girls are cool, go on talk to them! Wait, I should check if my Mom's phone work, thus I called her:

"Leo?! Did one those bastards hurt you?! Don't worry I'll come right now and I'll run them over!," Mom yelled hastily as I practically fell on the floor.

I massaged my ear and answered "Mom, I am just checking if your phone works...," Looking around, my eyes were bewildered on something "...and is that your car behind that tree?,"

"Whaaat? Nooo! You are hallucinating my teddy bear, hihi! Why would I be looking at you right now? Haha! And remember, people can be really friendly, just believe in yourself!," My Mom mumbled the first part of this and jumped on the next words with a more confident tone.

She hangs up and magically, the car behind the tree drive away, Mom you are so much a great spy... I laugh and noticed that the girls have disappear, they were surely too afraid by my greatness, and they totally don't care about me just like everyone... Oh look Leo, a group of guys, you know what to do.

Marching like a boss, I cheer with a manly voice "Yo yo, wazzup bro?,"

"Hey bro, you are so awesome, let's have an eternal friendship!," One guy congrulated me.

As my pride and my efforts conjugate into this moment of joy, my guts ache because of the happiness as my throat expressed it with a "Yeah!,"

That conversation did not happen at all. Breathing, I walk toward them, trying to have a smile which is like the one that Norman Bates had when he is welcoming and not when he is fucking stabbing someone, this one is for later.

"And then, I banged her pussy so hard that...," Exclaimed one guy.

Swallowing my saliva, I managed to say "Hi guys, how are you?,"

"Fine, what about ya?," Said the samee guy.

"Fine too.," I answered.

"Cool.," He added.

"Yep.," Summed another guy.

"…," The Sound of Silence.

"…," Is my favorite song of the Eurovision 2016.

"The Sun is here.," I spoke with my weatherman persona.

"Yeah.," Answered another guy.

Worried, I inquired "You guys were talking about something?,"

Bored, the first guy told me "Yeah, you know, girls and all.,"

Thrilled that the conversation was fruitful, I decided to spice the talk with a "Ah.,"

"Yeah.," Answered the first guy.

"Cool.," I added.

"Yep.," Summed another guy.

I continue with "Bye.," Turn away and slam the door!

"Bye.," Spoke the first guy. I don't care what they're going to say.

Okay, that was terrible. I walk away and hear them bursting into laughter, my mom would be disappointed by me, I crawl myself to the nearest restroom. Looking at my phone, I sigh when I realized I cannot use it in the restroom. I should spend the next years of College here, at least I do not have to endure all of this social torture. I lean toward the wall and close my eyes, even turning off the lights so I can return to my vampire life. Suddenly, the door opens and I the sunshine come, not from the outside but from this prince charming's smile. My mouth is wide open as the handsome guy is startled by me. Great Leo, you just met this dreamy dude, and now you already ruined everything.

"Are you alright? Do you need help?," Asked Prince Charming.

Searching my words, I faltered "No, not at all. I was just doing...," Supported with a stroke of genius, I said "... Neo yoga!,"

"Neo yoga?," He questioned.

"Yeah, neo yoga, you had to do this in the dark, this is better for the ocular chakra.," I expanded with a naughty confidence.

Thanks to a beam of light, I saw his joyous face saying "Really? Well, I am a little bit stressed, can I do some neo yoga with you?,"

OH MY GOD, positions in the dark with a hot guy.

"Yeah sure.," I stammered.

Prince Charming sits next to me, I can smell his spring breath while he closed the door.

"So hmm, as we are two, the chakra works better if we are holding hands, it's called... Side to Side.," I convinced him with difficulty.

"Really?," He said with a surprised voice.

After two seconds, he decided to hold my hand, Queen Rihanna, please wake up my darkest desires. Suddenly, the guy's phone rang.

Springing to the door, he prompted me "Oh shoot, we are late for the class.,"

That's the point, I hate this class.

"Oh no, this is terrible, we should totally run, I would be so depressed to miss this class...," I wailed sarcastically.

As we are heading toward the class, I can take a better view of Prince Charming. I look at his... well his buttock and purr at this before noticing that I am actually taller than him, well, from what I could see in the restroom, he is taller than me for another reason. When we enter, we are scolded by an old lady, I almost got a headache as I sit at the front of the class and realized that nobody sat around me, fuck you Prince Charming. I meant, it's not your fault, you will pay... I meant, no problem. As a middle-aged lady smile at me, I nod to her and smile back. Brace yourself lady, soon I will stick my face to the table and slumber. At first, I do not want to be disrespectful, but this is just so weird, I am so lost, my eyes soon wander to the windows, admiring birds playing together, ah clouds, trees, grass... I yawn as I close my eyes and sleep during the whole class. My dreams soon ceased when the lady calls my name.

"Leo," Mrs Agrippine said, jerking me out of my sleep.

I look up to see her standing in front of my desk, no else is in the class but me, "Yeah," I squeak, holding my yawn.

"As you can see, the class is over. I'm glad to see that it was exciting for you," Ms. Agrippine says acerbically.

"I'm sorry Ms. Agrippine, I lost myself a little bit, it wasn't your fault I promise," I struggled to apologize.

The lady storms toward the exit as I try to lift myself, grabbing my backpack, I feel that it is heavier and hear a shuffling noise. When I reach the outside of the class, I opened it and saw a pile of paper. with

"Idiots?!," I almost choked myself while saying this. However my vexed mood soon decrease when I see something else. "Fags...," I whisper with a broken voice.

Then I see the so-called prince charming laughing with the group of boys and another guy, this one has something evil in his eyes, that must be the leader. I can hear my name and Hank, probably his name, in the joyful conversation. As the group of boys leave, my former crush say goodbye to them and they shrug before returning to their chat. When he walks toward me, I want to stuff the papers between his so kissable lips.

"Hey, do not be angry, this is just teasing," Hank derided.

After analysing the situation and comparing the pros and the cons, my diplomatic mind only could say "Fuck you deeply,"

I throw a ball of paper at him with my powerful strength and it fell flat on the floor. Humiliated, I hold my tears and race outside. All of a sudden, someone grabbed my arm, maybe it was Prince Charming? I knew it, he... That wasn't him. As I raised my eyes, I recognized him. He is one of the guys mocking me earlier, the one who talked and pointed his finger at me the most, his name is maybe Eric but I'm not sure.

"Hey fag, enjoying your first day" Eric laughed as he shook my arm.

I try to free myself from the bully's grip but he is too strong, so I do what everyone smart and grown up would do. I stick out the tongue.

"Wow, sissy boy is scary!," Eric joked.

Sighing, I stopped fighting before talking with a calm yet impatient voice. "Please, just let me go, I am tired,"

Eric grinned as he leaned his face at mine because I was lightly shorter than him. "Yeah, people like you are not welcomed here anyway,"

"What do you mean?," I interrogated, anoyed.

The jock knew that I was waiting for him so he took his time to play with my patience, dear God, it was so obnoxious. "What I mean, is that I saw you flirting, moving your fairy ass around one of my friend, and I don't want you to contaminate my buds, so you better stop it and stay far away from them, or else?,"

Taming my shame, I yelled "Or else? I do not care, kill me, throw my corpse in the river, I don't give a fuck to the care! Because Flash News, I fucking hate my life!,"

Eric wanted to say something but his mouth was just wide open "…,"

Still waiting for an answer, I raised an eyebrow "?,"

Soon, his lips shaped into a presumptuous smirk. "Haha, for a victim you are funny,"

"Could you release me? You don't want my fairy dust on your bulging biceps, right?," Biting my lower lip I immediately thought Why I said bulging biceps?

Eric smirked even more as he almost singed "Okay, but I want to bet with you first,"

"What?," I asked taken aback.

"You heard me, if you win this bet, me and my friends will help you for the exams. If you fail, you kill yourself," Eric grin spitted as his eyes turned sinister yet playful.

My mouth was closed as I tried again to find some words to shut him up "…,"

"So, what do you think pussy?," The bully leader played one more time against me.

Pissed off, I said with a confident voice "Okay, let's bet this. What I have to do?,"

At first impressed, Eric continued "Ha. You have to date two girls,"

"Wha-What?," I stuttered, astonished.

The bully leader releases me as I walk toward the cafetaria.

"One more thing dipshit," I glared at him as he said that.

"Yeah your Highness?," I hissed.

Eric smiled again and pointed at my left shoe. "Your left shoelaces are loose,"

Not wanting to give him more time, I answer "Good try, but I know it's a lie,"

I smile proudly and do one of those hair model flip and fall on the ground, face in a puddle. I look at the jock with grumpy expression.

"Thank you for the warning," I halfheartedly responded as I knew I was wrong to not trust him.

The jock says nothing at first, then he laughs and walks away.

"Well at least there is a lot of sun" I reassured myself.

The rain appears.

"Yabba dabba doo...,"