A/N: Apologies for the chapter dump. I made the mistake of deleting this story a while back and had to post the whole thing again.

Late 1987

"No. You can't be pregnant again."

Karen glared back at her husband for at least a minute before finally finding the words she wished to say in response.

"Well, what would you expect from us having-"

"I didn't think it would happen again so soon!" Steve cried out loudly in anguish, at his wit's end over how to handle another screaming baby.

"I'm sorry, but what's done is done." She gravely tried to reason while crossing her arms. "He's already starting to kick and you know what that means..."

"That he has a mind of his own? What makes you so sure it's a boy?"

"I don't know. I just have a feeling."

"Damn. It really is too late, isn't it?"

"Hey, if it makes you feel any better, Michelle will most likely be walking by the time I have him. It'll be fine, I promise..."

A look of complete dread became visible in Steve's eyes as he opened his mouth to utter a response, though a shrill wail from down the hall distracted him before the words could come out.

Karen quickly grabbed his hand however and suggested he take time to relax, prompting him to reluctantly sit down upon the couch while she rushed off to comfort their infant daughter.