Chapter 27: The End

Sir Egan and Fran rode up to the castle. It was unguarded, so they just walked into the throne room. Fran was armed with a spear in one hand and she helped Sir Egan to walk with the other hand. Orlando laughed at the sight of this.

"Well, well, Saree, look what has arrived, two old people here to challenge the power of youth and strength."

Saree taunted Fran. "Old woman, you are still a trashy dog."

Fran's face reddened. She felt the old shame awaken in her heart. She threw her spear, striking Saree in the breast. The Empress screamed and fell over dead. Quickly, Orlando struck Fran down with his magic. Sir Egan watched his old friend die. He stood before Orlando trembling, due to age more than fear.

Orlando looked at the dead women. "You know, Sir Egan, I actually loved Saree. To see her dead breaks my heart. Your woman is dead and so is mine. Why don't we just forget this whole thing. You are much too old and feeble to even bother with."

"It is true, Orlando. But, I have to complete my mission and then I can journey back to the moon and be reunited with my wife."

"Mission? Sir Egan, you are senile, but what a poet you are! Tell me, old man, what is the nature of this mission?"

Sir Egan reached into his pocket and pulled out Judy Moore's necklace.

"Simply to give this to Sasha. Thanks for locating her for me."

Orlando screamed and ran toward Sir Egan, he grabbed the necklace, and turned into a green puddle.

Sir Egan picked up the necklace. "No, Orlando, it does not belong to you."

The old man placed the necklace around Sasha's neck. The statue turned to flesh and the world had a new Mistress.