"I told you already, I carried you and healed your wounds." Lucian said as he raised his hands and I saw his nostrils flare a little.

I still had my doubts that's all he did. Even with my own healing ability, I would still have had wounds from the werewolf attacks and then there was the matter of my leather clothing being unscathed.

My other hand was still bleeding, although slowly closing, so I squeezed my digits tight and pointed at him with a scowl on my face.

"That's not all you did, werewolf!" I hissed at him through my clenthed teeth. I knew calling him that would get a reaction. I figured if he was mad enough he wouldn't be able to keep the lies straight. It didn't go quite like I thought it would.

Lucian locked his eyes with mine in a hard stare and stood to his full height, letting his hands drop to his sides. I felt a lot more power coming from him than I had while we ate, and it scared me a little. A werewolf this size I could handle, they're large and bulky and they move in predictable ways. But Lucian? He wasn't a beast, he wasn't controlled by lust or anger or fear. He had a mind and could think, he could anticipate my attacks.

"Watch your words, reptile." I almost stabbed him for that comment, but I was still frozen from the sudden change in his demeanor. "I am not one of those abominations that cannot control their rage. I am a lycanian and my name's Lucian."

I blinked and gasped silently, leaning back a bit and moving my wounded hand in front of me in case he attacked. His eyes shifted their focus and locked onto my hand and I saw a flicker of yellow pass over his eyes as he returned his gaze to me. The anger was still there, right behind his eyes but something new had appeared. Something softer, gentler was pushing it's way forward.

"You're wounded," he growled, snatching my hand in his and holding it.

I didn't know if it was his speed that shocked me more or the fact that his touch didn't make me shudder in disgust. I watched him as he opened my claws and looked at the wound on my palm, running his fingers along the cut. My muscles quivered under his touch, my digits flexing slightly and opening more.

"I'll show you what I did." His voice rumbled deep in his throat, sending a new type of ripple through me.

I watched with mixed excitement and horror as he slowly brought my palm up to his muzzle and opened his jaw. The heat from his breath sent a shiver up my arm and down my spine and I gasped seeing his tongue slide out. His tongue was rough as it rubbed against my skin and I had to bite my lip from moaning out load. I never thought being touched could feel so good.

His tongue slid over my palm a second time, slowly rubbing it's rough texture along my wound. I felt the rumble before I heard it. Lucian was groaning at the taste of my skin and it shocked me back into reality.

I raised my free hand and pulled back, balling my claws. His head slowly raised and he turned to face me, a dreamy look in his eyes. My knuckles made contact with the side of his face as he opened his mouth to say something.

He went down hard, I wasn't holding anything back. I was angry. I was shocked. And I was damn well pissed off at how his tongue made me feel! His tongue did 'not' make me feel good and I did not like him for making me feel that way. I didn't like him touching me. I didn't.

Did I?