A small breeze carried their scent. It's old, no fresher than the last full moon, but it's recent and that's what matters. Another clan of abominations to destroy.

I couched down, feeling the tracks with the pads of my fingers. The wolf tracks are old, but the human footprints are very recent. A few hours old at most. Finally, I'm getting closer.

During the 3 nights of the full moon, a werewolf only travels in it's territory, and by the third night, it makes it's way back to it's den. Human form werewolves can't travel as far so they tend to stick closer to home. Unless this human isn't a werewolf.


Nope, it's a werewolf in human form. I'm getting closer and closer. Good thing too, the first full moon is tomorrow and I could still be hours away.

I hear a stream off to the right of the tracks and my stomach growls at me. That's not what I wanted to hear, especially from my own body. I blame my metabolism as I veer right towards the stream. Fire, fish, then I'm off, back to tracking the clan.

I'm in luck it seems, almost immediately after I walk to the stream, or rather, the rivers bank, I spot a nice sized fish swimming past lazily. The humans call it a catfish. I don't know why, it looks nothing like the feline species'. It's fat, ugly, and now, it's being slow roasted over an open flame, and my mouth waters. I guess even I'm no good if I'm half starved.

As I eat the tender fish, I relax a bit. It's important to stay loose, relax, especially before a fight. A tense body announces it's movements and an enemy reading your body movement is the fastest way to death.

I get back to tracking, walking while the fish digests so I don't cramp. I hate moving this slow. I have to go faster. Catching them before they can attack others and add to their numbers is good, but catching them between the full moons while they're human is the easiest. 'Well,' I decide, 'I'll find them when I find them.'

A fresh scent on the wind catches my attention, I'm not as alone as I thought.

'I better speed up.'