"Well, what do you have to say for yourself, young lady?"
Mr. Andrews was looking very sternly at her. Eight-year-old Sarah felt like she wanted to sink through the floor, jump through the window, anything to avoid her teacher's stern gaze.
"I'm so sorry for disturbing in class, Mr. Andrews, it was foolish and rude of me" she said, trying to sound polite. She had a small, small hope that if she just managed to sound polite and nice, just the way she knew Mr. Andrews wanted them to talk to him, she might just be able to get out of this with just a warning. But the hope was extremly small, because Sarah knew, like all the other kids knew, that once Mr. Andrews had made an descicion, only a miracle could change his mind.
"Well, that would be an acceptable excuse, Sarah, if it had just been one time. But it hasn't just been one time. It's been several occations during both this week and last week."
"That was very stupid as well, sir. I'm really going to try to behave better" Sarah said.
"I do hope so" Mr. Andrews replied "But that does not change what you have already done, does it?"
Sarah swallowed. "No, sir" she said "But I... I can improve."
"I'm sure you can. But now I want to discuss your rude behaviour in class, Sarah. Do you have any excuse for this behaviour?"
Sarah looked out through the window. She couldn't come up with anything, so after a little while she had to shake her head. "No, sir."
Mr. Andrews sighed. No one said anything for a little while, but Sarah felt her heart beating harder. She was almost sure about what was coming. Twice before she had been in this situation, and both of them had ended the same way. A most unpleasant, embarrassing and painful way. And it had ended the same way for other classmates she had talked to.

Mr. Andrews looked at her for a long time. She felt very small and even more just wanted to be any other place in the world than there in front of her teacher.
"I guess you understand that you have to get punished, young lady" Mr. Andrews eventually said.
Sarah forced herself to look at him. "I'm so sorry, sir" she said. "I will behave. Can I get another chance?"
"You got several chances this week, Sarah" her teacher said. "You spoiled all of them. Now it's time for you to face the consequences."
"Please, sir..."
"Sarah, how do children get punished for bad behaviour in class?"
Sarah tried to swallow. But her mouth was all dry. She knew exactly what Mr. Andrews wanted her to reply. But she just couldn't get the words on her tounge.
"Well?" Mr. Andrews said.
"You... you get a spanking" Sarah said with low voice, feeling the embarassment all over her body.
"That's right. And do you know what you may get spanked with?"
"The... the ruler."
"Yes, you can get a rulering, or a smacking with just the palm of the hand. For the worst offences, though, you might get a paddling."
Sarah swallowed. She had heard of the paddle, although no one in her class had been a victim to it as far as she knew. Mr. Andrews looked at her for another while.
"Which implement do you think you will be punished with, Sarah?" he asked her after a while.
"The... the hand?" Sarah said, most of hope.
Mr. Andrews shook his head.
Sarah swallowed again. "Ruler?"
"Correct" Mr. Andrews said, and from a drawer in his desk he took up the same wooden ruler Sarah had been suffering from before. Then he moved his chair a bit back from the desk. He made a sign to her to come to him. On most unsteady legs she obeyed and stood right next to him. Now there was no hope. No return. No way out. She was going to get spanked. In just a few minutes she would probably be in big pain. She felt tears burning in her eyes but made her best to hold them.

"Sarah, how do we get spanked?" Mr. Andrews asked.
"With... with the ruler?"
"Yes, you are going to get a rulering. But which part of your body do you get spanked on?"
Sarah felt embarassment going through her and had to force herself to answer. "On the bottom."
"That's right" Mr. Andrews said. "So I want you to lower your pants and panties to your knees and bend over my lap."
Sarah felt herself blushing and she just wanted to die. Or at least faint. Or anything that made her get away from there.
"Now" Mr. Andrews commanded.
Sarah's hands were trembling as she unbuttoned her jeans and slowly pulled them down. Her face was probably red from the embarassment already, but it was going to be even worse. She put her hands in the waistband of her light blue panties, but just couldn't pull them down. It was too shameful. It was humaliating. Sure, Mr. Andrews had been her teacher for two years now. But he was still her teacher, not family and no one except family was supposed to see you naked, were they? Still, Mr. Andrews left no choice.
"Pull the panties down, Sarah" her teacher commanded "Or should I do it for you?"
Sarah's mouth was all dry, her heart beat and her tummy hurt. She felt tears burning in her eyes. But she did as she had been told; slowly she started two yank the panties down.
"I know it's embarrassing, Sarah" Mr. Andrews said. "But a spanking must be given on the bare bottom to work properly, otherwise it wouldn't cause much sting. And if the spanking wasn't embarrassing and didn't hurt, it wouldn't be very memorable, would it?"
Sarah tried to cover her front as much as possible. Mr. Andrews gave her a small smile. Then he took a hold of both her wrists with his big hand and moved her hands behind her back, whereafter he bent her forward over his lap.

The room was all quiet, and the schoolyard outside as well. One of the windows was a bit on the left, but all that was heard was a bird singing in a neardby tree. Her friends probably had gone home by now. At least she didn't have to face the class until tomorrow, and by then, hopefully, a few would forget that Mr. Andrews had told her to stay after class.
Sarah felt a small breeze of air against her bare bottom, in sharp contast with the material of Mr. Andrew's jeans. Her teacher had moved her up a bit so that both her hands and her feet dangled in the air. She felt very small. And she couldn't stop hersfelf from sobbing, even though the spanking hadn't started yet.
The bird sang again outside. Sarah closed her eyes, waited for the pain that would come any second. But instead of a hard spank, she felt how Mr. Andrews gently rested the wooden ruler on her buttocks.
"Sarah, what are you about to get?"
"A... a spanking, sir" Sarah managed to reply.
"Yes, a spanking on your...?"
"Bottom" Sarah whispered.
"Indeed. And why is that?"
"Because I disturbed in class."
Sarah hoped that if she kept polite Mr. Andrews might spank her for a shorter time.
"Several times, and you ignored my warnings. Therefore I have no choice but to give your bare bottom a goot rulering. I hope it will teach you to behave better and not to ignore my warnings in the future."
Sarah yelped as the hard ruler hit her right buttock. It left a painful sting.
Same sting on her left buttock.
This hurt so much. Sarah couldn't helpt but to burst out into tears as Mr. Adrwes kept spanking her.

Sarah didn't know for how long the spanking went on or how many spanks she got in total. All she knew was that her whole bottom was burning. She cried hard. When she started to kick her legs Mr. Andrews locked them with his leg. She had no chance to get away, Mr. Andrews were all too strong for that.
When her teacher finally stopped hitting, Sarah felt limp. She didn't move. She just sobbed hard. After a few seconds Mr. Andrews lifted her up, placed her sitting on his lap. He didn't pull her clothes up, but she didn't have energy enough to care. She just noticed that the fabric of his pants didn't feel comfortable against her sore bottom.
"Sarah, try to calm down" Mr. Andrews said.
He didn't hush her, though. He gave her time to catch her breath and stop sobbing. In the middle of all pain and humaliation she did at least appreciate that.
When she had managed to stop crying she carefully asked her teacher: "Is... is my... spanking over, sir?"
"It is" he replied. "Can you tell me why you got spanked?"
"For... for disturbing in class. And... for ignoring your warnings, sir."
"You got it. And will you try to behave better from now on?" he asked her.
"Yes, sir."
"Will you ignore my warnings again?"
"No, sir."
"What will happen if you do?"
"I will... I will get a spanking again" Sarah replied with quiet voice.
"Indeed. And I don't think your little bottom wants another spanking for a while, does it?"
Sarah shook her head, but thought for herself 'for a while? Since when did someone ever want a spanking?'
"Very well. You can stand up and pull those panties and pants back up" Mr. Andrews said.
Sarah stood up and quickly pulled the panties back up. It didn't feel very nice, though, having something pressing towards her burning buttocks. Her pants had fallen down all the way to her feet, she carefully pulled them up as well and zipped them.
Mr. Andrews moved closer to his desk again and put the ruler back in the drawer.
"You have to bring this note to your parents to sign, Sarah" he said, writing something. "Bring it back tomorrow."
He gave her a small paper.
Then he placed his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. She tried not to look away. "How do you feel?" he asked.
Sarah thought that was a bit of a stupid question.
"Come on, you can tell me your feelings, Sarah" Mr. Andrews said.
"I... I feel sore."
"Of course you do, you just got a hard spanking. But how do you feel inside? Are you angry at me?"
Sarah hesitated.
"You can be honest with me, I'm not going to punish you for that" her teacher said.
"A... a little bit" she said honesly.
Mr. Andrews smiled a little bit. "That is alright. And understandable. But try to understand that I had to do this to help you. If I did't put limits, if I did't punish repeated misbehaviour, how would the class look? If I just warned, warned and warned without giving any consequences? Sarah, did you stop your bad behaviour just with warnings? No. I had to spank you. You had to face consequences. Because then you know what happens if you ignore my warnings. The same apply to all your friends in the class."
Sarah nodded. She didn't understand all her teacher had said, but she did understand what he meant. Although she thought that he could give other consequences than spanking.
"You are forgiven by me, now, Sarah. Can you promise me to try to behave better?"
"Yes sir" Sarah replied with low but clear voice.
"Good" her teacher said. "See you tomorrow."

Sarah left the classroom, took her stuff from he shelf and left the school building. The bird was still singing in it's tree, unaware of what had happened just a few meter from it, uncaring about her and her pain.
As she walked towards home she opened the note and read. It said:

It is my duty inform you that your child
Sarah Andersen
because of
Repeated bad behaviour in class and ignorance towars her teacher and classmates
today was punished through corporal punishment delivered with
the ruler.
The child was given 10 strokes on the bottom.
Please sign this note and send it back with your child, as a proof that you received this information. We trust you to have a talk with your child about the offense to improve his/her behaviour in the future.
Mr. Andrews, teacher 3A

'Ten?' Sarah thought. Didn't she get more than ten strokes? It sure had felt like more, much more. But she couldn't swear of it, it had hurt so much that it had been impossible to hold track of how many times Mr. Andrews spanked her. And why would he lie, by the way?
Sarah did not look forward to delivering the note to her parents. She remembered the feeling from last time. The shame. The embarrassment. Her parents dissapointed faces. Her father had grounded her for a week and she had missed her friend Molly's birthday party because of it.
She cast another eye at the note. It looked so formal. It said nothing about the total embarrassment or the pain she had experienced.
When Sarah came to a little grove she looked around her. No one was around. She put her stuff down on the ground, then she dared to pull her pants and panties down a little bit in the back. She peeked over her shoulder. What she could see of her bottom, that was still stinging quite a bit, was all dark pink. Sarah rubbed it a little bit and pulled the panties and pants back up. She had to check in the mirror when she came home. Even if the other spankings she had got had been humaliating and painful, this had been worse. Sarah promised herself to behave much better from now on. She would ignore every single classmate who didn't behave as good as her in class. No one should get her into trouble. She did not want to get a spanking again. The next one would maybe be even worse than this one. No, she had to avoid that to every price.
With a sigh Sarah picked up her things and kept walking towards home.