Chapter 13

The autumn term went on. After the last "double" session with Mr. Andrews, Sarah feared that this would be something occuring more frequently. But to her relief, Mr. Andrews didn't call neither her nor Michaela to stay after school. At one point he did ask her if she kept on with the journal, which she did and Mr. Andrews seemed satisfied with that.
In general, Sarah didn't hear much about spankings for quite some weeks. Their class seemed to be in a calmer period, the environment in the classroom was calm and made it easy to focus on the studies, something Sarah usually found very hard when people around her were messy.
They kept on meeting with their 1:st-graders. Ellie was still the same, with ants the pants and extremely talkative. But Sarah had found ways to get the girl to focus in shorter periods, with some interruptions to give the kid a chance to move her body a bit.
Michaela seemed happy with her boy Justin now that he spoke, although the boy was very smart and according to Michaela almost in the same level as her with math.

One afternoon when it was time for Sarah's and Michaela's session, she found the girl even more unfocused than usual. From the look on Ms. Davi's face it seemed like she had been like that the whole day.
"Return her back if she's too much" the teacher said. "I'm this close to give her a good spanking."
Sarah nodded, but in her head she thought that she would never bring the girl back if she risked a spanking, not even if she tore the whole school down.
She took Ellie's hand and they went off to their usual place in the library.

They were supposed to work with a language book Ellie had. But this day it was totally impossible to get the girl to focus, or even to sit down on the chair. Sarah tried everything. Eventually she even told the girl that Ms. Davis would give her a spanking if she didn't listen. This made Ellie calm down for about one minute, but then she kept on talking, going around, picking books and everything except sitting down.
That's when a voice suddenly said: "It seems to me that you are not very respectful, Ellie."
Sarah turned around, just to find Mr. Andrews standing there. Ellie also turned around and froze. It was something with Mr. Andrew's apparance especially when he was upset, that would make even the most struggeling child alert and listen.
"Come with me, you two" Mr. Andrews said.
"I... I wanna go back to Ms. Davis" Ellie said.
"Now" Mr. Andrews said, and the look he gave the little girl was enough for her to head over to him.
Sarah followed as well as Mr. Andrews led them to an empty study room.
"Inside" he said, holding up the door for them.
They went inside and Mr. Andrews closed the door behind them. The room was quite spacy, had some chairs at a table, a desk with a computer and also one sofa, which Mr. Andrews sat down on.
"Well, Ellie, why are you not listening to Sara?" he asked.
The six-year-old looked down on the floor.
"Whenever you are with her, she's in charge" Mr. Andrews continued. "That means you are going to respect her and do as she says. Disobeying her will have the same consequence as disobeying a teacher. Which means I'm going to punish you for your behaviour."
"Noo" Ellie whined.
"How do naughty children get punished in this school, Ellie?" the teacher asked.
The child didn't reply.
"Sarah?" Mr. Andrews said.
"With a spanking, I guess" Sarah replied, feeling both embarrassed and very sorry for Ellie. She really didn't want the girl to get a spanking again. But deep inside she knew that the girl had to get some consequences. She blamed herself for not taking her back to Ms. Davis earlier, because a spanking from her would surely be better than a spanking from Mr. Andrews.
"That's correct" Mr. Andrews said. "They get spanked on their bare little bottoms. And that's what's about to happen to you, Ellie."

"Noo!" Ellie whined again as Mr. Andrews took a hold of the girl's wrist and pulled her close.
She started crying as Mr. Andrews pulled her pants and panties down and put her across his lap.
Sarah looked at the scene. One part of her wished to be somewhere else. But another part of her found it strangely fascinating watching Ellie as Mr. Andrews started smacking her naked buttocks.
The child cried loadly, kicked and squirmed as her buttocks were colored pink by Mr. Andrews strong hand.
After about fifteen spanks, Mr. Andrews stopped and asked: "Are you going to listen to Sarah?"
Ellie didn't reply.
"Answer me" Mr. Andrews said, giving another hard smack.
"Yeess" the child cried.
"And what will you get if you don't listen and respect Sarah? Well?"
"A... a spankens..." Ellie sobbed.
"Yes, if it happens again Sarah will bring you to Ms. Davis or to me and your little bottom will get a good spanking, just like now."
Mr. Andrews spanked Ellie another five times before putting her on his lap. Just as he used to do with her and her classmates, he comforted the little child and let her calm down before he put her back to her feet and helped her pulling her panties and pants back up.
"Sarah" he said "Don't ever let her mess with you like that. I heard the two of you for quite a while before I came in. I heard you warning her, but you didn't make reality of your warning."
"Yes, sir" Sarah replied.
"I understand if you want to protect the kid, if you don't want her to get in trouble" the teacher said "But you are not hepling her at all if you let her behave like this. You are just making her think that she can disobey however she wants when she's with you. Do your understand?"
Sarah nodded.
"So next time, warn her one time. And if she doesn't listen, well, then you bring her right to Ms. Davis or me. Understood?"
"Yes, sir."
"Very well. I think it's better to return her to Ms. Davis right away. I need to write a note for her anyway" Mr. Andrews said.

"Oh, thank you. You saved me some effort, then" Ms. Davis said as Mr. Andrews told her what had happened.
"Can I have a note so I can sign it?" Mr. Andrews asked.
"Sure" Ms. Davis said, picking up one of the spanking notes from her desk.
While Mr. Andrews filled it in, Ms. Davis told Ellie: "I'm so dissapointed with you today. Do you think your mom and dad will be happy with your note?"
Ellie shook her head, tears coming down her cheeks again.
"Here you go" Mr. Andrews said, giving the note to Ellie. "Bring it back to Ms. Davis tomorrow."
Then he and Sarah left the classroom.
"I'm not angry at you, just so you know" Mr. Andrews said on the way back. "But please don't let her act like that again."
"I'm sorry, sir" Sarah said.
"Don't worry. But now you know what we expect if it happens again. I know she's a tricky child, but that doesn't give her right to act like that. She is in big need of frames and consequences."
They walked quietly for a moment.
"I worked on a school in India for a few years" Mr. Andrews suddenly said. "They also had a mentor system with older students helping younger ones. But there, the older students could be granted punishment rights as well."
"Do you mean that they could...?" Sarah asked, but was to shy to finish the sentence.
"They could spank the kids they were mentoring, yes. Although it was more of canings there, even the youngest kids were usually caned. I was considered very liberal when I just spanked with hand or ruler. So you are quite lucky here."
Sarah swallowed. She didn't even want to think about how much a cane would hurt.

"So he didn't spank her that hard, then" Michaela said later as Sarah told her about todays events.
"No, I thought he would spank harder or longer, but he spanked about the same as Ms. Davis."
"She's just six, so I guess you have to be more gentle with a kid that age, though" Michaela said. "Even if she really deserved it.
"Yes. But I wish there were other ways to solve it than to spank."
Michaela shrugged. "That's how it is."
Sarah then mentioned what Mr. Andrews had told her about India and the schools there.
"Wow, did he work there? That's quite far away" Michaela said.
"But canes" Sarah said. "What do you say about that?"
"Ouch" Michaela replied. "I guess we are quite lucky not to be students there."
"That's what Mr. Andrews said as well" Sarah said.
The two of them couldn't help to giggle a little bit.