The Adventures of David and Connie/The Morbid Nightmare

By Shadowgate

It was a bright morning and all the children were off to school. Today however eight year old Connie O'Connor's class had a substitute teacher. Her name was Mrs. Splatter. She was a large woman. When she entered the room she slammed half a dozen books on the teacher's desk.

She said "alright everyone my name is Mrs. Splatter. I am your substitute teacher because your regular teacher Mister Blank did something stupid and couldn't be here today."

The substitute went on to say "the first subject of the day is math. Now I know your teacher assigned you homework last night so I am going to collect it."

Connie O'Connor was the only one who didn't have her homework. The mean substitute wouldn't tolerate it.

When Connie said "I rarely forget to do my homework" the substitute got angry and yelled "I don't want to hear it you get your butt to the principal right away!"

Connie was in shock. When she sat in the principal's office she saw a girl cussing out a teacher and the teacher threatened to call the police. When that student's mother arrived she cussed out the teacher.

5PM that evening.

Connie was sitting at the table with her 13 year old Brother David waiting on their mother to finish the tuna casserole. Barret came home from work and slammed the front door.

"Connie I need to talk to you!"

Connie replied "yes dad."

Barret snapped "I got a call at work from your school that you were sent to the principal for misbehaving."

Connie said "I wasn't sent to the principal's office for misbehavior. I was sent for not having my homework. We had a really mean substitute teacher today who said Mister Blank was absent because he did something stupid and then she demanded our homework. This is the first time in a long time I'd forgotten my homework."

Barret was puzzled "wait now wait just a minute. You had a substitute teacher who came in the classroom and first she said your regular teacher Mister Blank wasn't in today because he did something stupid?"

Connie answered "yes."

Linda was shocked and said "that is very strange and not to mention unprofessional as a teacher."

Connie said "well it's true and she was very mean and she sent me to the principal's office just for not having my homework."

Barret asked for a written referral and Connie said she didn't have one. She also added that she just lost recess for two days.

Barrett yelled "I got a fucking phone call at work."

Linda cut him off and told him to calm down immediately.

Barret said "I'm furious about this phone call and I want to know what exactly happened. What did you do Connie?"

Connie answered "I told you I was sent to the office by this mean disgusting substitute teacher just because I forgot my homework."

Barrett yelled "don't take that tone with me Goddamn it!"

Linda yelled "enough let's discuss it after dinner."

After dinner Barrett called his daughter into the living room.

Barrett said "now look I got a call at work from a principal's secretary saying that your teacher sent you to the office. Why were you sent to the office?"

Connie snapped "damn it dad I told you we had a substitute teacher who sent me to the office because I didn't do my homework. I rarely forget to do my homework."

Barrett became very angry and yelled "don't cuss at me!"

Connie said "I'm really angry because that substitute was very mean."

Barrett yelled "I wasn't happy that I got a call at work and had to deal with that shit. It embarrassed me in front of my co-workers."

Connie said "oh well."

Barrett became furious and yelled "all you can say to me is 'oh well' I mean really!"

Barrett caught his breath and yelled "you're grounded!"

Connie ran upstairs crying.

Linda said "Barrett I think you're overreacting. We need to look further into it."

Barrett snapped at Linda by telling her he'd had to worst day of his life and not to talk to her.

David O'Connor could feel the pulse in his neck veins pounding. He wanted to hit his dad but he knew he couldn't.

Morning came quick for Connie. She got up and got ready for school quick.

As she headed out the door Linda and David yelled "run Connie the bus is here."

Connie ran for the bus and sliding in mud and fell right in front of the bus. The bus ran her over.

Blood splattered everywhere. Her parents laughed.

David yelled "oh that was a fucking good one, talk about little sister splatter."

Connie woke up and screamed.

Her parents rushed in but she told them to leave her alone.

Connie rushed to take her shower.

After her shower she didn't feel like eating.

Her parents wondered why. Her dad Barrett said nothing to her and was angry about her screaming when she woke up from her nightmare.

Not long after Linda put oatmeal on the table the doorbell rang.

When they answered they saw their neighbors Kenny and Diane Dirkins and they were pissed off.

Kenny immediately said "that new substitute teacher got our daughter in trouble over some bullshit and we heard Connie got in trouble as well."

Connie yelled "yeah!"

Barrett is puzzled and Linda asked "what happened?"

Kenny answered "they put a stupid bitch in the motherfucking school."

Diane told Kenny to calm down immediately and then she began "Mister Blank was absent yesterday and a substitute teacher named Mrs. Splatter took his place. Rosie was coming back from the clinic along with a friend because they had to get their eyes and ears checked. As they were both coming back Mrs. Splatter got upset because they were talking in the hallway. No kid gets in trouble for that I mean they were talking quietly and that bitch decided to punish them."

Kenny commented "we're keeping Rosie home until we know that substitute is gone. My daughter and her friend Mary Carter are both traumatized."

Diane said "well for today at least. However we're going to find out if the school administrators will do something about her."

Barrett replied "well now wait she had a reason to discipline your daughter just as she did mine."

Connie yelled "she went overboard!"

Barrett yelled back "don't yell at me Goddamn it!"

Connie was devastated her dad was acting the way he was.

She struggled to hold back tears. Linda said "you know what this substitute sounds really bad. Connie will be staying home today as well."

Barrett groaned then he said "I was going to work."

Connie was left to start a nice breakfast while her brother headed to school.

Connie spent a good deal of the day in bed. Her parents sure didn't want her out playing considering it was a sick day for her.

Connie went to school the next day and saw that her regular teacher Mister Blank was back.

He said "alright as you can see I'm back and I heard that the substitute teacher was very rude."

Mister Blank exhaled in disgust.

Then he said "luckily things are back to normal now."

Connie had a great time at recess and she could see things were back to normal.

When she got home David asked her "are you okay? I heard all sorts of things about that substitute teacher."

Connie answered "she was horrible. Oh I'm so glad she's gone. If she ever subs for Mister Blank again I will just walk out of class."

David asked "well I was wondering what the hell was that screaming about yesterday morning."

Connie replied "I had a nightmare. It was a bad one."

David said "it must have been."

Connie went on to say "I know my parents weren't any help but then again I wouldn't let them. After the way dad yelled at me I didn't want to talk to him or anyone else but I'm cool now. Mister Blank is back and he said he heard all about how horrible the substitute was."

As Connie stopped to catch her breath David chimed in "parents often side with teachers. It's been a tradition. Still that's horrible that you had a nightmare and woke up screaming. Mom and dad both should have been on your side and not just mom."

Connie replied "I'll say and if you want to know what the nightmare was about I'll tell you."

David said "alright because I'm sure you need to talk to someone about it."

Connie explained "I was out of the house. Mom and dad were screaming at me to catch the bus because I was running late. Then I slipped over something and went flying into the street and the bus ran me over. Then mom and dad started laughing and so did you."

David replied "Goddamn that's a morbid nightmare."

Connie replied back "yes but luckily it was just one bad dream."

David and Connie hug each other.

The End