The afternoon after they docked, Ada met them at the inn. It's good to be back on land, Janna thought, sitting down. Solid firm ground. Cobblestones, trees, nothing moving except the wind. Ada pulled out a purse, and started counting out money.

"28, 29, 30." she said, she paused and counted out ten more. "and danger pay, I suppose." She scooped the coins back in the purse and handed it to Rose.

"Thank you." Rose said, putting it away. Janna echoed her.

Ada looked down at the table for a long moment, then back up at Janna and Rose. "I've been thinking and... I think if I didn't have your help I wouldn't have survived." She paused, then laughed suddenly. "I'd ask to come home with me but I'm afraid of what would happen! I've enough adventures for a while!" Rose gave a small chuckle, Janna smiled briefly, "But if you are ever in Lake Marion please come to see me. Just ask for the Water Mage, everyone knows me."

"That's a very kind offer," Rose said.

Ada smiled, "You should write me a letter at least. I'd like to keep in touch with you. "

"We'll try." Rose said.

Janna leaned back and signaled the innkeeper to bring them drinks.