A/N. Hello, y'all! This is the longest story I've ever written, and it was a blast for me as a writer getting to know Kaylein, Vance, and Dianna! (I think they aren't too pleased with me right now, though...Come on, guys, don't look at me that way! Sure, I wounded you physically and emotionally and landed all three of you in jail, but I gave you a happy ending!) I hope you enjoyed the story as well.

My idea for "A Dragon's Nine Lives" started with a dream. Doesn't every story start that way? :) But in my case, it was a literal dream about a girl and her sister who had been invited to the castle to help a king, and she felt uneasy throughout a feast he was throwing. When she returned to her rooms...boom! There was a dragon in her bed! She staggered backward in shock, and- the dream ended. So "A Dragon's Nine Lives" was my humble attempt to explore why there was a dragon in a girl's bed, and what happened next. A big thank you and a shout out to the whole two people who have followed my story, to Wildcat227 for your reviews, and especially to Jaya Avendel for reviewing every single one of my chapters. You rock!