Some day, love will find you
Break those chains that bind you
One night, will remind you
Of how we touched and went our separate ways

If he ever hurts you
True love won't desert you
You know I still love you
Though we touched and went our separate ways

A shiver wracked Earth, white-gray clouds reflecting back a baleful glare. He was supposed to be in the middle, not her. She was not supposed to come between them. Her darkness stood between him and Sol, and jealousy shone dully from his atmosphere. He knew she still loved Sol, brief as this touch was – a flirtation of an hour, no more, in longer than a century – yet brief as it was, it was still too long. She was his, now, his, not Sol's. How dare she come between him and his light and warmth. How dare she turn her gaze to another…

This close, Sol's song was much louder than the faint chiming of the other stars. But now, she bathed in the crescendo of his music, Earth no longer coming between them. Light and warmth poured over her as she basked in his affection, short and glancing as it may be. Dull pallid complexion glowed like an opal, brilliance such as she but rarely known glowing – shining – across her face. Sheer exultation rippled from her as a glorious laugh, one that faded with a note of grief. For already, so soon, the moment was passing, and she was resuming her bland dull path of duty…

Was it already time again? How quickly the short years flew by, when one's concentration was on one's work. He smiled to see her again, her face, as ever, brightening at his touch. No matter how short the intervening span of time, it was always too long between when they saw each other. He reached out, painting her in luminescence. Delighted, she accepted his gift, magnified it and flung it back like handfuls of shining confetti. The space between them caught and held her joy, cradling it carefully before letting it slide, glide back to its source. A minute only, this exchange of brightness and love, before their separate ways led them again worlds apart.

Casually listened to Separate Ways by Journey a few days before the eclipse, thought about how well it could fit the sun and moon passing like that. I live in one of the cities it passed right over, and actually got to see it. Afterwards I just had to write this piece. Obviously, I don't own the lyrics at the beginning.