Now I have a story

that I'd like to spell…

about this odd night I had

even got me scared to tell...

riding through the moonlight

and as ever

never naive

eyes wide open

as I rode through this dream….

Suddenly this darkness

seized around my brain

and I start to hallucinate

portend to go insane...

I think that im awake

but I guess im sleep..

I cant believe I didnt see it…

I'm on the wrong street

it was an unknown evening

I don't remember it well…

kept ambling through the corners

around and round this hell…

I felt rather confident

thinking I could get out…

until I missed the stop sign

and started spinning way out…

way past the corner

skidding through this ditch

filled my soul with terror


this was it!

But then it was over

and I guess I was okay

because when I looked at myself

I came out unscathed….

I kept thinking

how could this be…

I cant believe I didn't think…

I'm on the wrong street

I got myself together

regathered my wits

I started back home

though I was feeling sick…

I thought I had escaped

but now we come to the twist...

The street had restarted

cast my mind in mist

just as ever

when I thought I was aware

my eyes were blind

to what wasn't there….

Doomed to live

this nausea week after week

I couldnt believe I didn't know…

I was on the wrong street!