Once upon a time, in an age humans have forgotten, there was a kingdom ruled by a kind king. That king had a daughter, called the Cloud Princess.

The Cloud Princess was a beautiful lady, on the outside as well as the inside. Everyone loved her, and there were many who wanted her hand in marriage. But the Cloud Princess always turned them down, because she was already in love.

The man was known as the Ice Prince. He was the heir of the kingdom that was next to hers. The Cloud Princess always tried to talk with him, but he always ignored, or just looked coldly at, the poor Princess. And the Princess was sad, but she never gave up.

Time passed, and the Prince started to notice a change within him. The loneliness he always felt was somehow better when the Cloud Princess tried to talk with him.

One day, he asked her why she tried so hard to be with him when he always made her sad. She told him that it was because she loved him, and that no matter how sad he made her, she always felt happy when she was with him.

The Ice Prince was puzzled. Loveā€¦ love was something his cold heart had never felt. Or happiness. He asked her what love and happiness were, wanting to know. For hours, the Ice Prince listened to her talk about both feelings. He was entranced, and when she finished, he wanted to feel that way too.

But it wasn't in his nature to feel. He was ice, cold and emotionless. It didn't matter how much he tried, he just couldn't feel. No matter how much he wanted to.

But he wouldn't give up. He went to a witch, and begged her to let him feel love and happiness so he may make the Cloud Princess happy too. Seeing that his motive wasn't fully selfish, the witch smiled and granted his wish.

It was summer. And when the Ice Prince went out, and saw the Cloud Princess, he felt something odd in his chest. It was a warm, bubbly feeling that made his cheeks grow a bit hot when he saw her. It was just like the description of love the Princess had given, only better.


And so, a few days later, the wedding between the Cloud Princess and the Ice Prince was celebrated, and for the first time in his life, the Prince felt incredibly happy.

And for that summer, things were good for the couple, and the Princess was incredibly happy too. The Prince was very sweet and attentive, and she couldn't have felt more in love.

But the witch's spell couldn't beat the Prince's nature forever. As winter came near, the Prince started to return to how he was before. He started to not care about her, and hurt his dear Princess with his coldness. The dream had ended, and the only thing the Cloud Princess could do was cry. When she learnt about the spell, she ran to find the witch and begged her to do the spell again.

"My dear child" Said the witch "His nature is too strong to suppress, even for my magic. But don't lose hope. You've loved him before my spell, just because of who and how he was, and you will love him again. I promise that, when summer returns, the ice that covers his heart will melt, letting him feel again."

So she coped woth the situation and learned to love that part of his husband as profoundly as she loved the other, even when he was so cold that her tears froze, turning into snow. But just as the witch had said, in summer the Prince returned to his warm, caring nature.

There is a beautiful phenomenon that happens in winter, where frozen water falls from the sky. Those are the Cloud Princess's tears, waiting for summer to return.