Chapter 2

"It was about 17 feet tall, big blocky hands, and all fleshy coloured, SMASHING the buildings apart," David sat at the back of his class, telling is story to his friends, as well as some other interested classmates.

Despite not being big fans of his 'encounters', Amy and Harry would always find themselves sitting right at the front of the circle, nodding their heads and reacting to what he said. It was just a way of giving him extra support.

He continued to describe the Spawner, describing it's actions, and then further explaining how the Elites managed to take it down. Wade was absolutely indulged, as he always would be. With dreams of joining the Elites, he couldn't wait to hear about the different forms they appeared in, and by what means the Elites manage to take them down.

Only difference between the two friends, one wasn't stupid enough to put themselves at risk of getting killed, and also carried a diary around with them everywhere...

"Hey David, what did you call the Spawner again?" One of the male classmates at the front of class asked.

"A-a Troll... There aren't any official released names yet s-"

"A Troll!" The guy shouted, proceeding to laugh with other friends. "What a fuckin' joke!" He shouted back.

"Shut the fuck up!" Wade shouted back, standing up from his chair, sending it at least three feet behind him.

"Oh, is 'Big A Rank' getting hot headed?" The student retaliated.

"How about you tell me, when my foots halfway up yo-"

"Okay class!" The teacher shouted, announcing his arrival upon entry.

With their superior entering the room, everyone returned to their seats as the class began.

Lesson was boring and uneventful, basic theory about self-defence techniques and more physical education jargen. The theory-based side of self-defence lessons was also a core subject, taught every morning after tutor period. The practical self-defence was taught twice a week.

Though a lot of people never understood why they were being taught hand-to-hand combat, in a world where their only enemies are huge creatures with range advantage, but it went a lot deeper than they thought. Reflexes, dodging and avoiding, weapon handling, agility and endurance, all skills that are practiced and enhanced during Elite training, in order to make them the most advanced soldiers.

"Hey Dave," Wade addressed him, both sat beside each other at the back of the class. "Connor's Dad said he saw you and your dad coming out of a Humvee last night?"

Dave sighed.

"He found me at the Spawner site I went to," he explained. "He then proceeded to give me a lecture at home about my safety and shit, despite the fact that I always purposely choose to observe at a safe distance."

"Ah well... I'm quite surprised about how much he insists you avoid it all, being apart of Elites himself and all. Woulda thought he'd encourage you to join up, not that you want to."

"I don't know what his problem is, it's hypocritical really," he answered. "I think he ignores the fact that all I try to do is help him, by finding out these different types of Spawners!"

"Pay attention you two," the teacher directly addressed the two. "Stop talking."

The rest of the day followed through like any other. They attended lessons, ate in the same area of the canteen and all walked home together. Today however, David and Amy had arranged for him to go over to her house, where she would assist him with his self-defence training. Though, the lessons was not the reason he was going over at all...

While on their way home, Dave said how his father would have dinner ready for him, so he was going to eat and then go over afterwards. They said their partings and he went into hid garden.

Upon entry, he wiped his feet and took his shoes off, kicking them to the shoe shelf where they landed perfectly aligned with the rest. He entered the kitchen on the right where he was greeted by his father.

Dinner had been prepared, already laid out on the table where the two sat opposite each other and ate away. They had the usual father-son conversation. How was school, learn anything today, all the same repetitive questions.

Half way through their meal,Ben's ear piece lit up, bleeping a bright white colour. He pressed his finger to the device and reported in before withdrawing from it.

"Sorry Dave, duty calls," he sighed, excusing himself from the table.

This is a regular occurrence...

"It's alright dad," he replied. "I'll put your dinner in the microwave."

"Thanks," said Ben, putting on his uniform from the wardrobe near the front door. "I'll see you later... please don't go getting into trouble."

"I won't. I'm going to Amy's for a while, but I should be back before you."

His father nodded, and with that, he left out the door, rifle strapped to his back and his gear fully in tact.

With that, Dave finished his dinner, put his father's away, and ran up to his room. Whereas right now he'd usually prepare himself to sit at his desk and 'seek danger' from afar, with his diary in hand, today he was preparing somethings to take over to his crush's house. He was so excited.

The last thing to grab was his diary off his desk, the thing he had left at home today, but as he took hold of it, he looked out of his window and could see the blaze. The thick black smoke, the several foot-high flames, and even a small sighting of the creature causing it.

He adjusted his glasses a little and leaned over his desk, poking his head through the window slightly, in attempt to get a better look at the Spawner. He only wanted to identify which one in his book it was like, before leaving to go Amy's, but he didn't seem to recognise it.

There were so many different forms of humanity's number enemy, and David was sure he was the only one who knew of them all. At least he assumed they were all of them, he hadn't seen an unrecognised form in more than 4 years, which is what had him at such a struggle.

The Spawner was HUGE. Bigger than any he could remember, looking approximately as big as a two-story house, but also the same width. It's skin seemed brown and/or black, but it was difficult to say from such a distance. All he knew was that he'd definitely never been close to one of those.

They seem to be appearing a lot more often lately, which is odd after having 'the safest two weeks in two years', according to the news. I'm just glad that something like that hasn't gone and spawned over here. That would be the end of me for sure... The fact that they can appear where ever they please is a terrifying thought, one can only hope it never happens to them...


His silence was broken. Beside the distant sounds of fighting further into the city, a loud explosion went off in David's sight. Screams emerging from several different mouths deafened the streets, as more destruction was caused in the explosions origin. David looked around and saw that the conflict his father was most likely called to was still occurring further in the distance, and there were no signs of Elite's making their way to the occurrence nearby.

The temptation... the STUPID temptation...

Today was NOT supposed to be about Spawners. Today was supposed to be about David and Amy. Going to her house, playing around with a lot of physical contact, with hopes of things between them going further. But now this...

"It's nearby," he said to himself, gathering his diary in a rush. "If I just hurry there and get a quick look, I can go straight from there to Amy's..." he ran down the stairs, looking the front door behind him.

Besides, with a nearby Spawner attack, we'll have to stay inside. No training, and chances of cuddling increase by over 9000!

He ran out of his house and head towards the site with haste, running through the empty streets as everyone else cowered inside their homes. As he got closer to the site, he saw people running away in different directions, but not towards his desired way. He got to the site, which seemed to be a large housing complex taken down from the centre.

He made his way onto the premises with caution, trying to find a good spot that was both close for a good view, but far to stay out of harm's way. After walking around with no results, he gave up on finding any active Spawners, and quickly moved on to the 'investigation stage'.

The investigation stage, as he liked to call it, came after having no success of sighting the creature during its raid. He would search the area of destruction for any signs of footprints, patterns in attacks, anything that could help identify which of his drawings were there. He liked to tally how many of each kind he had encountered.

He started with the walls of the surrounding buildings, following along the patterns carved into the surface, matching it to his diary drawings, narrowing down the possible suspect.

"The cut is thick, so not one of these…" He flipped through his pages, whilst dragging his hand along the incision. "Could be this one, but there's only two cuts in what looks like one swipe. So, it must be…"

As he continued through his book, he heard a voice nearby. Or so he assumed. His first assumption for where the voice came from was the crater. Having closed his book, he slowly made his way towards it until he was frozen in shock.

A girl. Or so a woman. Completely naked with blood red hair. Not ginger, but a kind of dyed red. She stood with her feet buried in soil, looking up into the night sky, with no awareness of anything around her.

What the-… Why is SHE here? Why is a girl HERE? More importantly… there…

"Hey," he shouted to her, snapping her out of her idleness as she looked towards him.

Without another moment's notice, the girl fled. Ran as fast as David had ever seen a person run, running up the incline of the crater, across the broken brick and glass floor until she was out of sight. He tried to keep up with her but to no avail, she was long gone by the time he had reached the edge of the building perimeter.

Who is this girl? Why would she be here, at a Spawner site?

As questions began clouding up his mind about this naked woman, he realised that it wouldn't be long before the Elites turned up at the site, with his dad possibly included. The woman had completely put him off focus, resulting in him having to wrap it up and leave quickly, without ever identifying which Spawner had been there that night.

After his encounter, he ended up going straight home, having completely forgotten his arrangement with Amy. After what had occurred, his thoughts were all over the place, however they were all surrounding that Spawner site.

Having returned home, luckily before his father had, he ran up into his bedroom and sat back at his desk. With his window wide open, he simply stared out among the several houses and deeper into the city, continuing to wonder about this mysterious woman.

A naked girl in the middle of somewhere that was just attacked... How or why did that happen8? And why did she run away?

His father didn't come back all night, and was just on his way in as David was leaving for school. He asked Ben what kept him out, and he explainer that after a team was called to a site that had been attacked, but the traces of AND the Spawner couldn't be found outside of the small area, they were searching all night through the city.

David didn't say anything about what he saw when he was there. Usually, despite his father always hating and complaining whenever he did so, he would report his findings from the sites. Often followed by a rant and some form of punishment, due to being out and in danger.

David had left a little late, staying up late thinking about the mystery woman and trying to identify which Spawner he missed out on. With no results.

I'm really not looking forward to meeting with Amy today... She's going to be so pissed about last night...

Having missed his friends who would usually accompany him, he walked alone on their usual path when something caught his attention. Or rather, someone. The girl from the previous night; clothed, but still easily recognised as her.

I-I didn't expect to see her again so soon… I have so many questions for you…

With school still quite the walk away, and the girl walking along the same path anyway, he decided to discreetly follow her.

She walked a little faster than the average person, overtaking people that were considerably further ahead than her previously, making it increasingly difficult to tail her. During his time following her, he tried to think up of what he would do when she'd either: finally turn around and notice him, or he'd follow her to a final destination.

While he was thinking up the scenarios and what he would do; what kind of questions he'd ask, whether to come off aggressive or not, he nearly lost her for a moment; when he saw her turn down an alley way.

I swear she hasn't turned her head back once the whole time I've been following her. Is that not something other people do? I find myself looking behind me at almost every street crossing, in a crowded situation, any sort of scene where it felt important to know my surroundings. But she hasn't once...

He followed into the alley way, but when turning in he couldn't see her. Thinking that she must've walked so fast through there that she had gotten onto the street on the other side, he hurried up and started a light jog.

After only having start to jog for a brief duration of time, he found himself being grabbed from behind, and being slung around by his backpack and slammed against a wall. Before being able to analyse anything that was happening, he was grabbed by the throat and held against the wall, slowly being raised higher and higher to where he had to stand on his tip-toes.


He was able to identify the red haired girl, having surpassed her height by force, now looking down at the angered looking female, with her arm extended to his neck.

"Why are you following me?"

It was hard to breathe, let alone give a full blown answer.

"I saw you... last night... at the site!" He managed to answer. "You were... there... I wanted to know why!"

"What's it to you?" She continued to ask, tightening her grip.

"Let... me g-...go!" He shouted, as he began to grab hold of her wrist, trying to shake her off, but she was too strong.

As their attempt at a conversation continued, a miniature explosion had suddenly gone off, shortly followed by a loud consistent alarm sounding off, repeating in a pattern. After having heard the siren repeat a couple of times, Dave recognised the pattern and was able to piece together what had happened...

The... The school!

His struggle became even more persistent, assisted by his attempt at explaining the urgency to the girl, who was yet to loosen her grip at all. His struggle became more violent, as he started to punch at her hands and kick her shins, until she let out a large sigh before finally dropping him.

He breathed excessively, as if it was his first time breathing before, as he tried to regain as much as he could. Not long after, he noticed the girl had started to walk away, so he adjusted his bag and stood to make his way there.

"What can you do anyway, other than die?" The girl asked, just before he took his leave. "Do yourself a favour and go home, and don't follow me anymore."

"You're connected to them somehow," he replied over his shoulder, after telling himself over and over to leave it be, but couldn't resist. "And I will find out how."

With that final response, and the two's eyes locked on each other's, he adjusted his glasses and made his way out the alley way, from the way he came. She remained, somewhat impressed by the spunk of the kid, almost looking forward to their next encounter.

Shit, shit, shit... The school, Wade, Harry...Amy! The pattern of three beeps before repeating... I mist get there, now! Please be okay...


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