Chapter 45

David woke up that morning with heavy guilt on his shoulders. Sachiko did not wake up, as planned. He climbed out of bed completely nude and began putting on his uniform and equipment, all whilst she laid flat in the hotel bed, also naked. Last night was arguably the best night of his life and he couldn't even enjoy the moment with her the morning after. He didn't sleep very well either...

With knowledge that morning could very well be the last time he ever sees her again, he gave her a long kiss on the forehead and covered her up under the sheets. He apologised and told her he loved her and left the hotel.

In the lobby downstairs, Yuno awaited his arrival. When vacant of Sachiko's presence, she simply confirmed that he followed through with it and he agreed.

"It's for the best," Yuno agreed. "She shouldn't be taking part of something this big with her injuries. I know she'll understand."

"I hope so. I just can't wait to come back and see her," he cracked a smile.

Outside the hotel were several other Elites all loading up into troop carriers in the street. So many Elites of all different ranks were involved in the operation, and seeing them all in one place made it feel so real. The war that had long surpassed any World War would be coming to an end today, potentially.

From the hotel the trucks took them all towards the underground entrance, where all other Humvees, tanks and hundreds of soldiers were being arranged and distributed into their teams. Trucks were turning up every minute to get them all into position, so many people willing to put their lives down in the all-out battle. This was Humanity's strength.

It took a long time for Morgan and Owen to move everyone around, along with their other officers. It strongly started to resemble that of a theatre production with several directors. Once everyone was in position, a pedestal and small stage had been set up similar to that of when David very first saw Morgan nearly over a year ago.

"This is it. Today is Humanity's day," he started strongly, encouraging several cheers and claps before he continued. "Everything we've fought for; for those we loved, for those we wished a better future, and for those who have laid down their lives to ensure a day such as this came, this is what it all has lead towards. Without our – bumpy – introduction with Amelia May several months ago, we wouldn't have gained so many new allies, and therefore likely wouldn't have even gotten this far. We owe our lives to this amazing person, and David Griffin frankly, for not doing what he had been trained to do and killing her upon discovery."

A light laughter flowed throughout the staging grounds, as people started to chant 'Amelia May, David Griffin' over and over again. With the raise of his hand, the Director continued.

"I may not be on the battlefield with you all today, but I will be watching every step of the way from the HQ. When we have succeeded in the war, I will step foot on the Terramorph lands and personally thank the Nova leader for their assistance, as we bid them farewell and close the portals between worlds. So we can return to our normal lives and focus on rebuilding this planet for many more years to come. I know you'll do us all and yourselves pride. I look forward to seeing you all after this has ended. This operation is officially underway!"

With those final words from Morgan, all soldiers in the staging area rushed to their assigned vehicles. Soldiers rushed inside the trucks, Humvees were filled and equipped with their gunners, and the tanks were driven up the ramps of the truck platforms that were transporting them towards the portal.

Cambridge's underground entrance was different to London's, in which it looked more as a quarry with a road that lead down towards the doors, rather than the secure lift that London had. This made it easier for all vehicles to drive through together in formation, as the doors opened and in one big convoy the over one-thousand strong army passed through on the journey to London.

The drive felt pretty tense. It was long enough to give everyone time to think and reflect on anything and everything. The faces on all soldiers were clouded with deep thoughts for what they were going in to, but everyone was there for each other. Pats on the backs, hugs and even cheerful songs and sayings were exchanged on every vehicle.

Yuno and David were sat beside each other, both plagued with thoughts of their decision to keep Sachiko back home. They had already been asked several times where she was, and had to lie each time. 'She decided to remain on bedrest', 'Her injuries were too much for her to participate'. So many lies...

While looking down at his boots, Yuno pat him on the back and kept her arm around him before she leaned in close.

"The things people do for those they love... sometimes their decisions may seem stupid and unnecessary," she stated. "But in the end, they know its the right decision, and if the other person truly loves them, they understand every time. Even if not immediately..."

"Trust us two to be going in solo after everything, huh," he chuckled.

"That's because we both dated idiots," she joked, leading to them both sharing a much needed laugh together.

After what felt like a too long but too short journey, they had arrived at London. As always, only two vehicles could travel on the lift at a time, and so they all gathered and proceeded with transporting each vehicle to the surface. The tanks were first, which had to now drive on their own tracks, as the transport vehicles were too large for the lift. The drivers of which dispersed and got inside the tanks.

Slowly, each vehicle reached the surface, and after the tanks had gotten up, shots and explosions could already be heard from beneath. They were after all entering a Terramorph owned city. Each vehicle was instructed to head straight for the portal entrance but not to enter through immediately, but to form a perimeter around the site. Every city was after all attacking simultaneously.

It wasn't long before everyone had gone up and formed around the portal, which had been heavily guarded, but was quickly cleared. Soldiers and vehicles were repelling any attempts from Terramorphs around them with ease while they waited for confirmation of other city's statuses. The tanks were stationed directly in front of the portal, while David and the other several hundred soldiers had got on foot and were waiting behind them.

After being informed about the atmospheric difference between planets, and sharing their experiences of passing through the first time, all who hadn't already passed through were given oxygen tanks. Inside each was enough to last them all an hour approximately. With this, all soldiers were told to set a timer once activating their oxygen tanks, sk they would know when they were about to run out and hide whilst adjusting. With everyone wearing oxygen tanks and masks, it felt looked as if they were about to attack the moon.

After waiting eagerly, the word was finally given. At that moment, the six tanks all floored it towards the portal as they each began to disappear inside. Once they were gone from sight, the ground team all moved up directly in front of the portal, impatiently and intensely waiting for the green light. Five minutes they were told to wait before following the tanks through, and once that time was up, the hundreds of fighters all jumped through.

Into the battle. As Amelia had informed, a large camp had been set up around the portal, and it seemed they half expected their arrival. The tanks had already made fine work of the enemy, with several holes in the Earth and enemies that had visibly been crushed under their tracks. However, one tank was already destroyed.

While the Terramorphs were scattered amongst the tents and seeking cover behind metal sheets in the otherwise open field, many Exomorphs and Kiira were heading towards the tanks. With all the ground soldiers running through, they immediately went into action; keeping the enemy away from the tanks.

For the initial fight, all short-range fighters were given a standard assault rifle with several magazines, to help thin out the enemy with minimal casualties. David and Dale Matthews stood side-by-side and fired down the fields. In a slowly-expanding circle around the portal, soldiers walked outward while firing at all enemies in sight. They couldn't even get close to them.

As David stopped to reload, a Kiiramorph jumped up from behind a small wall and lunged towards him. Dale managed to put a few bullets in it before running out himself, at which point it turned it's attention. Griffin let go of the rifle, leaving it to dangle around him, while he drew his sword and slashed down the opponents back.

The Kiira yelled and swung back at him, before being shot down by Yuno's hand-cannon. She blew the two a kiss before continuing to repel the enemy, which had all suddenly gone on the offensive and charged towards the ground teams. Mostly all Elites abandoned the rifles and switched to their trained weapons, combating the enemy more comfortably in the close-quarters situation.

Two Cavamorphs galloped directly for Yuno. She shot the first one with a double-tap of her trigger, blowing its mouth clean off as it crashed in the dirt. The other leapt and almost got her when she ducked and used her other hand to swipe up overhead. The enemy landed and staggered as it tried to stand, when its stomach appeared sliced and its guts fell out from its body.

Daniel Levy found himself entangled with two Kiiras, an Exomorph and a Cava. He blast the first Kiira in the shoulder, pushing it back for a moment. He shot Exo in the chest, opening a gaped wound in its chest, also startling it temporarily. He cocked the shotgun in his left hand, whilst drawing his pistol in the other and firing at the Cava that had leapt at him.

Three shots in its stomach but it wasn't out for the count. He had simultaneously dodged the second Kiira when avoiding the Cavamorph. Once he realised the opponent had swiped at him, he dropped his sidearm and re-equipped his shotgun in both hands, blowing the Kiira's head clean off. Another pump and he turned to the Exomorph, an important opponent to focus on as it entered its detonation phase.

One pump and the squeeze of the trigger put it out of the picture. The Cava had returned for another strike, slashing his shoulder in a poor attempt to cling onto him. He shot the enemy twice with his shotgun, pasting it into the ground, leaving just the lone Kiira he first injured remaining. As he turned to face the enemy, it swiped downward and took the weapon out of his hands. He quickly leapt towards his sidearm on the floor and fired the entire magazine into its chest until he was out of ammunition and it finally fell beside him.

Dale and David were fighting side-by-side. With his DMR, he fired at any enemy that came near and targeted his partner. Griffin on the other took the main bulk of their attack. He sliced and diced through any enemy that came near with one hand and exhausted his pistol with his other. Dale kept shooting and called David's name every time he dodged an opponent's attack, which gave him the indication to turn and help. The two were untouchable.

Jodie and Mike also fought together, as always. Back-to-back, the two took on incoming opponents separately but as a team. Her LMG spraying into the crowd of opponents in sight, meanwhile he focused on the enclosing enemies from her rear. With three Kiiras stood opposite him, he held down the trigger and swept from left to right, puncturing holes in the enemies as they stood minimal chance. However, once the row of Kiiras were dealt with, a fire team of Shinos were sighted in the distance.

He warned his sister before taking the first wave of shots. He managed to draw his shield in quick response, but a shot managed to hit him on his opposing shoulder. Mike fell back into his sister and she promptly noticed the object protruding from him.

"David!" She shouted, mounting her weapon on his shield as she shot down range at the Shinos.

"Megan!" Griffin proceeded to shout, gaining her attention as she finished shooting the stomach out of a Kiira at her boot. "Mike's hit!"

Previously fighting alongside Dunfield, Marcus accompanied her to their injured teammate. He, Jodie, David and other team members nearby all assisted in defending her help him. She opened a section of her bag and grabbed a large bottle of numbing alcohol. With no time to waste, she poured the bottle directly onto his wound, before capping it off and placing both hands around the Shino bullet. With her robotic leg pressed firmly into the ground, she pulled until the bullet popped out of his shoulder. She immediately proceeded to tend to the wound.

During their defence around the soldier, a member of Dale's team got pinned down by a Cavamorph. He ran from the circle and aimed down his sight, hitting the opponent multiple times in the body, but it wouldn't stop mauling the Alpha Elite. It finally fell dead, but the soldier was already gone.

As David turned to see where he had gone, he watched as an Exomorph managed to get the drop on hum and grab him from behind. As he struggled to do anything with both of his arms pinned to his body under its tight grip, it started its detonation sequence. Griffin ran towards him whilst shouting his name, but he feared he wouldn't make it in time.

As if out of nowhere, Katie Redfield fired and cracked the Exo's head clean open, cancelling the detonation phase and saving Dale's life last second. As his face was covered in blood from the splatter, he turned to his saviour and raised his thumb to her. Then, a Shino projectile slipped clean through his head, from his left and out through the right.


David slide down beside his vacant body, now lying in a pool of blood from the head. A large clean hole had been left in his head. Katie quickly found the shooter and took them out, whilst continuing to find and take out each Shinomorph she could find, continuing to fire straight despite the tears rolling down her cheeks.

"David!" Levy called, taking a knee beside his previous leader. "Shit..." He shied away from his friend's body. "The convoy will be coming through in exactly one minute. When it comes through, you and the others get in, and I'll stay here with Mike and Danny."

"N-no," he refused. "We'll need you up there with us," he argued. "We agreed that all the best fighters will join the convoy in attacking the fortress."

"With Dale gone..." he paused briefly. "Alpha need a leader. All these fighters do. I'm renowned here and will be able to guide them correctly, leaving them to the slaughter would be a waste of lives. Trust me, we'll be fine."

"Fine... Let me know when the field is clear and you're on your way," he replied. "Keep these people safe."

"I will," he grinned, before proceeding to carefully close Dale's eyes. "Now make the call, everyone needs to be ready."

At that moment, David filled his team in on the situation; everybody par Daniel, Danny & Mike were to join the assault on the main city. All, as well as any other teams that had also been instructed, made their way back to the portal and waited around until the convoy finally arrived. The convoy consisted of ten Humvees, three troop carriers and included the tanks already deployed. Three of the Humvees were to remain stationary in the field and deploy more soldiers and supplies, as well as two of the tanks, while the remainder were all on course for their final target.

Once the reinforcements had been deployed from the Humvees, David and Yuno climbed into the same one, which also happened to have Amelia waiting for them inside. Already covered in blood, cuts & bruises, the two across from her while they refreshed themselves and the convoy took off.

"This is it," Yuno gasped once the bottle left her lips. "Everything we've always fought for. It all comes down to this one assault."

"There's approximately two-hundred Elites attacking the main city, all in this convoy," David responded. "The Novas should be joining us in the assault once we're at the city, right Amelia?"

"Hopefully," she replied. "I'd like to think our assault was enough of a 'signal' for them to know it's started."

Suddenly, the vehicle just behind theirs amongst the convoy erupted into flames. The leading vehicle reported that Scawamorphs were shooting across the plains at them from their city, and so the convoy were instructed to break formation. Several more shots could be seen making the fields explode like a minefield, causing all vehicles to swerve and avoid the incoming fire. Once they had got close enough to the city, where a moat-like ditch formation gave cover for the attackers, the convoy halted and the soldiers were deployed.

The just-short of two hundred Elites surrounded the main entrance to the city. They all remained dug in cover where the Scawamorph explosive weaponry couldn't quite reach or harm them. Currently pinned down with limited to no way out, a plan was desperately needed.

A sniper man was instructed to estimate the number of shooters, and so he popped his head up over the mount, only to be immediately blasted away. The entirety of his head from the jaw up seized to exist after the Scawa round impact.

The soldiers began to panic, and deep down so did David. They didn't come this far to lose on the outskirts of the city. Marcus rushed to his side and pointed over to the tanks that had slowly been following the convoy from the rear, as the vehicles travelled considerably slower. Initially, he thought he had pointed them out in relief, but it was the exact opposite.

"They're going to blow those tanks away the minute they can get good enough aims on them," Marcus stated. "If we don't sort out those Scawas soon and fast, those tanks are gonna start dropping like flies. It's a shooting range for them!"

"Shit... we need a plan..."

Amongst the small army they had brought to the enemy's gates, they had some heavier weaponry than usual. Rocket-propelled-grenade launchers. Simultaneously, all RPG holders were told to prepare their weapons to fire towards the enemy. Without any particular target, they all awaited instruction and shot on command.

Bombarding the city walls, it was impossible to tell if any targets had been eliminated. While they waited for the smoke to clear, two teams of twenty soldiers were instructed to run across the field to hunker against the walls, out their line of sight. During their run however, the smoke cleared, and several Shinomorphs were now revealed to be atop the wall.

They open fired. A hail storm rained down on the brave soldiers who volunteered and several bodies hit the floor, riddled with projectiles. Those who managed to survive or avoid the hits hugged the walls beneath their view, but before they could catch their breath Farramorphs dropped down beside them.

Suddenly, the men and women who had narrowly escaped death were being butchered into minced meat. A Cambridge Alpha sniper stood up and attempted to help them, but he was swiftly counter-sniped. Katie had also bravely stood to assist, but she was quickly pulled down by Yuno.

The tanks had just begun to get within range, and already one had been targeted by the Scawas. It received several shots into its heavy armour before fires blazed from multiple origins, then the tank exploded from within. Everything was falling apart.

At that moment, as he watched the tank explode, and vividly watched as a soldier climbed out on fire and attempted to put himself out to no avail, he drew his sword and stood up. He climbed over the mount and ran towards the city. He held the sword in front of himself, clenched his eyes closed and ignored the cries of his teammates, but suddenly he bumped into something.

He opened his eyes and it was a Nova variant. Before he knew it, tens of Novas all emerged from the ground in front of him and started to charge at the city. With too many targets and no idea who to focus on, the Scawas were conflicted with who to shoot, which gave the tanks and heavy soldiers opportunity to repel. The walls went up in flames and debris flailed from the walls as they caved in on themselves. The city was officially defenceless.

"Just in the nick of time!" David chuckled to one of the Nova.

"Let's take that throne!" One grunted, as it charged towards the large gate with several others. Tens of Novas all gathered around the gate and all started charging into it over and over. Before they knew it, the gates collapsed and they had officially gained entry to the city. The humans had made it inside the city; the final step.

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