Chapter 2: The Troll King

The wizard spent his weekend plotting Richard Jewel's demise. It was time to use his magic, so he consulted the Handbook of Characters. From this point on I shall refer to this book simply as the book. Fantasy is greater than reality. It takes more mental effort to create a fantasy life than to live a real one. Sometimes, the player has to use common methods to achieve what he desires. After using such methods, it is important afterwards to recreate the scene in the mind, imagining a more fantastic event.

The wizard smiled as he looked at the letter opener on his desk. Before his eyes it turned into a magical wand. He slipped the magical wand in his pocket and continued to work on his latest report. Of course, he stopped typing from time to time to stare at Sally's ample chest.

Then he would shake his head in disgust at first at his own behavior. He was being a pervert again. But, that was just the thought of his old subhuman persona showing through. He was not a pervert for looking at her. No, she was a wicked witch that had used her feminine charms to seduce and rob helpless young lads out of their money and time. She was his rival now. A witch, whose magic matched his own. She would have to be dealt with. He would have to face her in a contest of magic on the astral plane.

Richard Jewel walked down the hall, stopping at each cubicle and talking to each of his underlings. He had become the King of Trolls to the wizard.

Finally, the King of Trolls stopped at the wizard's private chambers (his cubicle).

"Greetings, wizard. You will continue to work for me until you have completed the magical weapon that you have been commissioned to make." (Hey, wizard, when will the report be finished the boss is on my ass.)

"Yes, my lord. I shall stay in my chambers, until the work is complete." (It will be done by 6:00pm. Can I bring it to your office after it is finished?)

The king of the trolls nodded his head and went to speak with his next underling.

Time moves fast when you are working. 6:00pm arrived and the Wizard took the magical weapon to Richard Jewel. The troll king examined the weapon and marveled at its fine workmanship.

"You have outdone yourself, Wizard. I'll see that you are rewarded well."

A grim look came over the wizard's face. This was the man, no troll, that had cheated him.

"Nay, I am here to give you your just reward."

The wizard pulled the letter opener out of his pocket.

Richard saw the wizard's intent and tried to grab the wizard's wrist, but he was seated at his chair, giving the wizard the advantage of leverage. Magical beams issued forth from the mighty wand and went into Richard Jewel's chest.

The old troll king was dead at last. The wizard had tasted true power.

The magic eye or camera had been hacked into and disabled, thus no one bore witness to this horrific event.