Chapter 4: The Nerd

The wizard started working on another fantastic weapon that would bring additional wealth to the Pig's realm. The Count's rise to power had been such a psychological blow that it caused the wizard to struggle with reality. There comes a time in the game that the player realizes that his new role is his new reality. People, who are successful in life and relationships, will not understand the reason why we play the game. If you want to be your character, you will need to cut these people out of your life.

"Hey, wizard, want to eat lunch with me in the cafeteria," spoke a voice.

The wizard looked up from his computer and realized that it was Nick, the only co-worker that the wizard could call friend. The wizard smiled, "Oh, sure. I want to discuss a new philosophy with you."

Nick smiled. He was the stereotypical nerd with horn-rimmed glasses and a skinny underdeveloped body. He completed the nerd look with a comb over.

"I love learning new stuff. Like I always say, knowledge is power. No wait, that was Sir Francis Bacon. He's the philosopher who most influenced Benjamin Franklin. Him and a book called The Pilgrim's Progress. That's a wonderful book. Did you know that it was one of C. S. Lewis' favorite books too?"

The wizard shook his head. Nick's motor-mouth could always cheer him up. The guy bubbled over with enthusiasm. The wizard could not understand why. Nick had very few friends. People openly mocked him and he had never had a girlfriend. And, yet, Nicky seemed to enjoy life. The wizard was excited to tell him about the book. He would finally have someone to play the game with. The wizard's mind filled with excitement and he shook off his dark mood. He finished his reports and crunched the numbers in record time.

Lunch time found Nicky and the wizard sitting alone. The nerd was drinking from a carton of milk, listening in disbelief as his friend spilled his guts about the book and about his character.

"Willard, you are not this wizard character. It sounds like a dangerous game you are playing. Yes, I know we are some of the most scorned people in society. We are the geeks, nerds, dorks, and virgins. We don't fit in society. And I know we need our hobbies and games, more so than the average dude, but, man, this game you are playing is warping your sense of reality. As a friend, I'm asking you to burn that damn book. I know. I know. I don't normally encourage book burning, but this is different. Why don't you come to my house?"

The wizard did not like what Nicky was saying. And he heard his name instead of his new amazing title. Nicky the Nerd was not his friend. No friend would take away his only pleasure in life. Didn't Nicky understand? That the wizard was going to be so powerful that even the Pig would fall before his might.

"Ok, Nicky. I'll come to your house and I'll bring the book. We'll burn it together, drink some beers, and watch some anime together."

"Oh, cool. I'll show you my new workshop too. I have a small sawmill. One of those portable jobs. I can make my own lumber. How awesome is that?"

The wizard smiled. It was awesome. Just the perfect thing to try out his new spell.