Janna opened the door and walked in.

"How was your day?" Rose asked, looking up from the pile of clean clothes she was sorting.

"Good! Leo has a friend of a friend who's a tax collector. He wants someone to escort him as far as Big Meadow. There's a few more things I want to talk with him about, but he agreed to leave right after Remembrance Day."

"Outstanding!" Rose said. "We can go to the Air temple in town, and make an offering at the Water Temple before we leave."

Janna nodded at this as she undid the clasp on her cloak. "Oh, one more thing. I saw Bridget while I was out, she gave me this." Fishing around in her bag, Janna pulled out a small book. "She said Eva spent all of Rest day writing it. They aren't going to start selling it until next month, but this copy is just for us." She set it down in front of Rose.

Rose read the cover. "'Terror of the Clay People...? Oh no."


"It's...?" Rose looked up at Janna, half-dreading the answer.

Janna grinned. "It's the next adventure of Thorn and Janet."

Rose looked down at the Horrible again. "We can't give it back, can we?" she asked, looking up at Janna.

"That would be rude." Janna replied, nodding, trying to stay serious.

Rose looked down at it again. A giggle crept up her throat. She pressed a hand to her mouth to try to stop it, but it pressed at her fingers. She looked up at Janna who met her eyes, and they both burst out laughing.