This is NOT my poem. It is my sister's. She wanted to put this on my account to show the world. Please review I guess; It would make my sister's day!

My Father has called me back home,
through the field U must go.
No more will I have to roam,
No troubles will I fear,
For He's my mighty shield.
Let's take a walk through the cornfield.

My Father is always watching,
knowing every step that I take.
Never scared; never flinching,
I march on through the corn.
With him, my fate is sealed.
Let's show no fear in this cornfield.

My Father seems gone in this storm
I feel the rain pouring down
I am wet and nothing is warm
All I know is sadness
No comfort and no shield
Let's give up in this cornfield.

My Father, I finally see
The sun comes and shows the right path
So close I am to thee,
I know I'm near my end
My Father says as I yield
Lets' come out of that cornfield.