Everyone agreed. I didn't say anything. I should really talk to Dad. "Great!" Deb said. "I'll call and get us a table." She walked out, towards her office and everyone else wandered out after her. Marla leaves last, hand in hand with Austin.

I look around the room, we are mostly done but I should wipe down the shelves. I pick up the spray bottle and a roll of paper towels.

As I am emptying the bucket in the utility sink, Deb comes around the corner. "There you are. Aren't you coming?" she asks.

Oh what the hell, I never go out anyway. "In a minute." I pick up the mop, I'll call Dad later.

"Don't worry about it." Deb puts her hand on top of mine and stops me. "I'm coming in tomorrow anyway, I'll do it."

I try to lean the mop against the wall and it starts to fall. I grab it quickly before it hits the floor. "Why are you coming in tomorrow?" I ask.

"I was going to show Donna the books. She's going to take them over."

"Who's Donna?"

"Oh you haven't met her have you? That's right, you were out last week. Come out front with me, I'll introduce you."

I close the utility closet, check the back door, and walk out to the lobby. Everyone else has left.

A tall pale woman with brown pants and a yellow shirt is sitting in a chair. She has white blonde hair and is flipping through a children's magazine. She looks up as we enter.

"Donna, I don't think you've met Sandy. Sandy this is Donna." Deb says.

Donna starts to stand up from the chair then stumbles and grabs the back to steady herself. She straightens up again, more slowly this time, and holds out her hand to me. She smiles sheepishly. "Donna Palmer."

"Sandy French." I say. She has long thin fingers that wrap around mine. They are warm, almost hot. I look up at her face and meet her eyes: pale blue like aquamarines.

Deb makes a show of looking at her watch. "We should get going if we're going to meet the others. Donna, why don't you give Sandy a ride? She'll show you the way."

In the car we sit in an awkward silence until we're pulling on to Broadway.

"So, um, what do you do?" I ask. God I sound like an idiot.

"Deb wanted some help with the books and marketing. She told me there had to be a better way to drum up business than posting flyers on light poles."

I smile at her joke. "I haven't seen you around, but I'm always in the back with the preschool kids." I pause, looking at her as she gracefully, casually, tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. I'm not sure why, but the gesture is so sexy it sends little chills up my spine.

"Turn here at the light." I say suddenly, pointing to the left. She slides neatly into the other lane.

"Where do you live, Sandy?" she asks me.

"East, just off Kordesmon Road." I reply "Turn right at the corner."

"That's a nice area. I was looking at an apartment out there."

"Do you live there?" I ask.

"No, the place was too small and too far from downtown. I like to be where the action is." She slows down. "Is this it?"

I follow her line of sight and see the familiar sign. "Yup, we're here."