I look to the path, while the wind whisper in my ear,
The wind tells me things that I don't want to hear.

I feel scared and I surrender to its power,
I am so, weak, so tired, and I cower...

I am lost in darkness surrounded by lies and fears,
I sit there and I can feel The end of my time on earth nears.

Suddenly there is a new noise I can hear,
It is nicer and more clearer than anything I have ever heard.

It breaks through that darkness making me look up,
And the sky clears and I see the heavens above.

The person calling me, helps me to stand up,
He is so white and pure, so nice to me.

I look at him and he looks to me, and there...
There he saves me from everything troubling me.

He makes me a new person so, free from fear
If you were lost like em then look the The Lord
Savior of all.