A/N: The first of many one-shots that I'll be posting. Rated M for mature, and does contain themes that may be disturbing. Do not read unless you can handle it.


Summary: Willow found out the horrifying truth about her closest friend Alana; that she had been defiled. With the girl now nothing more than a trembling, broken mess, Willow shows her that she is still loved.

Willow was getting ready for work when she heard the door open. "Who is it?" Her eyes widened when she saw it was her best friend and roommate Alana, the small blonde girl crying and shaking. Her knees were dirty, her usually clean hair was a mess, and the side of her face was starting to turn purple with bruising. "Alana!? What the hell happened!?" 'It looks as though she's been beaten! Who would do that to her?'

Alana shied away from her, curling up in a corner and whimpering. "P-please…don't hurt me…" Willow stared at her, confused. "Why would I hurt you? You're my best friend…" 'Seriously, what the fuck!? What kind of sicko did this to her?' She brushed a strand of her red hair out of her eyes and tried to move forward, only for Alana to squeeze her eyes shut and try to crawl away. "P-please…don't use me for my holes…"

"What!?" Willow exclaimed, both shocked and sickened by the words that Alana cried out. "Are you telling me…what I think you are?" 'No, please…not you, Alana.' The small blonde was one of the sweetest people Willow had ever met, but after what she just heard, it sounded as though someone had done something truly evil to her.

Alana brought her knees close to her body, shaking and rolling back and forth slowly. "I-I…was forced into it…they used me as some sort of cum dump…as though I'm just a slut for pleasure…" She closed her eyes, crying and whimpering. "Twice…"

Willow's eyes widened, horrified at the shocking news. "Those bastards! How could they!?" 'That is unforgiveable. To rape her twice and treat her like some filthy slut…if I ever find them, I'll kill them.' Alana didn't answer, continuing to rock back and forth and crying. Her whole body was shaking, and Willow's fist tightened in anger. 'That's horrible…to do this to a sweet girl like her and make her feel like some sort of pleasure sack…'

As the blonde continued to shake, Willow walked towards her, crouching down. "Alana…come here." 'She needs to be cleaned up. I know she may never recover from this…but she needs me more than ever. I won't throw her away like a piece of trash, especially after what happened.' She felt her own eyes start to water, and she felt a harsh pain in her heart as Alana looked up at her, tears streaking down her cheeks. "W-willow…"

The redhead reached her arms out, picking the small blonde up. Alana flinched, her body tense as she was carried to the bathroom. "P-please…" Willow petted her hair, her fingers breaking through some of the tough knots. "Shh…it's okay. I won't hurt you." 'I'm crying, too…oh Alana…you mean so much to me.'

The blonde girl trembled, her eyes squeezed shut as Willow closed the door behind her. 'She'll never be able to trust another man again…I don't give a shit if religion frowns upon her getting an abortion if she does happen to get pregnant; I don't believe that she should have that child to constantly remind her of that pain.'

Willow placed her on the counter, turning the sink on and wetting a small cloth. Alana continued to cry, her breathing speeding up as Willow cleaned her ruined knees, running a hand through her hair. "Alana…I'm so sorry…" 'I can't even protect the person I swore to…what kind of friend does that make me, if I allow the kindest girl I know get gangraped?'

Alana shielded her eyes, whimpering as the redhead started to untangle her matted hair. To see her best friend in such a state tore Willow's heart to pieces, for Alana was everything to her. She might be the only person she actually loved, for Alana never did anything that one would deem as 'cruel' or horrible in any way. But now, that same kind girl had her innocence ripped from her, leaving behind a broken, whimpering mess.

Normally, Alana would love having Willow brush her hair, but in the state she was in, she couldn't stop shaking, crying, and whimpering. Willow tried to reach out to her when she curled up even tighter, terrified of getting raped again. "N-no…please, don't!" She completely broke down, sobbing uncontrollably and shaking more. "I…I don't want to be a slut used for pleasure!"

"You're not…" Willow pulled her into a tight hug, petting her straightened hair. "You're not a whore or a slut…" 'You're nowhere close to one. You've just suffered something truly sickening…those bastards should be castrated for this crime.' Seeing those big blue eyes filled with fear and pain made Willow break. "Alana…" 'I never thought I would ever cry, especially in front of you. But I can't look into those eyes, see your pain, and not shed at least some tears.'

"Willow…" Alana's small frame shook, and her hands trembled as she gripped the redhead's long dress. Her eyes were red and puffy, and her cheeks were stained with tears as she looked up at the only person she could trust. "P-please…"

Willow choked back a sob, kissing the blonde's head gently as she carried her away to their shared room. "I won't ever leave you. You mean everything to me." She held her hand, petting her hair. "I mean it." 'I read your journal, even though you would be horrified to know it. Even before this happened, you were close to your breaking point. And at the bottom of the last page…'

"Y-you mean it?" Alana's eyes were trembling, and she tightened her grip on Willow's dress. "Y-you won't throw me away?" The redhead shook her head, picking her up gently. "No. I won't push you away. Alana, I love you." 'Always have. I would've said yes to your proposal, too.'

Alana leaned into her, shaking. "I love you, too…" She wiped her puffy eyes, sniffling. "I'm sorry…I-I should have done something to defend myself…" Willow shook her head again, tilting her head up. "It's not your fault. Alana, no matter what, remember this: you still have one person in this unforgiving world that you can trust, no matter the circumstances. I will always love you, despite of what happened."

Alana looked up with watery eyes, leaning up. "T-thank you…" She closed her eyes, a tear running down her cheek as closed the distance between them. Willow held the blonde's hand as she leaned closer, kissing gently. "You always will have me…" 'I won't ever take advantage of you. You're the one I love more than anything.'

Alana opened her eyes, her soft lips not leaving Willow's. "I…I have something to ask of you…" She placed her hands on her legs, locking her watery gaze with Willow's. "P-please…show me what love is supposed to be physically…" The redhead's eyes widened, and she ran a hand through the blonde's hair. "A-are you sure?" 'Alana, I don't mind, but I don't want to take advantage of you. Especially in the current circumstances.'

"Yes…please?" Alana rested her head against Willow's chest, giving her a nod. "T-the only person I want to touch me is you…" Willow leaned forward to kiss her gently, holding her legs. "Okay. I'll be gentle with you, my love." 'I'll take today off. If my boss gives me shit, then I'll let him have an earful.'

Alana wrapped her arms around her neck, clutching at Willow's dress shoulders. "Please, touch me…" Willow gently brushed a hand up Alana's leg, running up and down it gently. "You're so beautiful to me." The blonde kissed her, her pale legs trembling from the contact. "A-ah…" She shivered, her grip tightening slightly. "I…I am? You don't think I'm a dirty whore?" Willow shook her head, petting Alana's soft hair and bringing her into a tight embrace. "No. I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world, despite what happened." 'Oh, Alana…why did it have to be you? No one deserves to suffer what you have, but you especially. You were so kind, so willing to help others without interested in personal gain. And yet, this is what happens?'

Alana rested her head on Willow's chest, closing her eyes and sniffling. She was exhausted, and the redhead petted her head again before carrying her to her bed. "Go to sleep, love." Alana's breathing slowed down as she fell asleep, and Willow crawled in next to her, hugging her tight. 'I won't let you become a broken shell, Alana.'

'You can make it through this, for you have someone who loves you and always will.'

A/N: Finished…it was kinda hard to write this, as I usually steer well clear of rape stories (I have a strong belief that anyone who's a rapist deserves to be castrated).