By bloodredrose

I've watched this man for a long time now. He works at a fast food restaurant and this whole time he hasn't noticed me. He doesn't know the reason I'm here. It doesn't matter; what he did was unforgivable. He already was given enough time to do the right thing. Today, he will answer for his crimes.

According to the rules, I must intervene. I step onto his drive-thru window and watch him. He sees me, and tries to get me to move.

"Hey, are you hungry?"
I don't answer.
"Do you want to come in to eat?"
"Are you ok?"

I just stare at him. He decided to walk out of the restaurant to try to get me to move.

"Do you need money for food or something? This is really inconvenient if any car that wants to drive up to order food you know."

I keep looking at him, and I tilt my head. Just then his manager yells at him through the window.

"Hey! Stop talking and start your break or you'll get a write -up."

The manager walked away. The man before me groaned. He pulled out money, took my hand and wrapped my fingers around the bills.

"Here's eight dollars; I have to do something. That'll get you something to eat."

He walked away. I start to follow him. At first he didn't notice, but when he got to the abandoned building and looked back and saw me. He ducked through the fence and proceeded to walk into the building. I walk in. This place seems abandoned on the outside but there are homeless people here. Dealers of a dark market are around every corner. Some try to get me to buy illicit things, but my eyes are fixated on the man I've been following. He looks back again and sees me again. He hurries away.

From the corner of my eye I see someone familiar. This person is like me, they too are following their quarry. The man is talking to a dealer and points me out. The dealer says a few things that makes the man turn white with fear. The man starts running upstairs.

I run after the man. This building is mostly empty the higher you go. He is on the next floor; I start running on the wall on all fours. My features look menacing, almost demon-like. He is frightened. I manage to catch him few floors up from the homeless community. He squirms on the floor.

"What are you? I'll do anything. Don't kill me. Spare my life, please?"
"She begged for her life didn't she? The one you accused of being the cheater. The one you supposedly loved. You tortured her, blamed her for all your misdeeds. Treated her like her love for you didn't matter. You left her bleeding to death, left her to die because you believed the rumors. She did nothing to deserve her death. Do you think you can get away from killing her? Four months God has given you to do the right thing. God sent me here to change your life. Either you turn yourself in to the proper authorities and face the consequences of your actions, or I can take your soul to a better place. To be reborn again, to try again from the beginning, to start all over with a new life, a better life. The choice is yours."

He was silent. This man never had a good life, trouble found him, but he tried to be better. I already knew his answer, because they always choose the easiest way out.

"You mean, if I die now I can start again, with a new family?" He said while whimpering.
"Yes, because God still wants you to succeed. Your girlfriend was already reborn into someone else. God gave her a second chance. What about you?"
"I wish to be reborn. I'll do better next time, I swear."
"Before I left you go, my other side wants to teach you a lesson."

He looked into my eyes and I know what was going on. This man is experiencing his girlfriend's death. The girl he killed because he was furious over the rumors his friends told him. He screamed and reacted the same way his girl did. Eventually he died in the exact same way his girl died. In a way, he died by his own hand. His soul floated out of his body and I hold it my hands, I say a prayer to God and the soul flies from my hands to the nearest hospital where a child is being born.

I climb up to the top of the building watching the city go dark and street lights brighten the roads. Soon someone else joins me.

"My, my, if it isn't Lilith. How was your charge?"
"The same, they always choose to be reborn, Mary."
"Not always, my charge turned herself in. She won't be touching little boys any more."
"Well, it be easier if my twin just let them die, but no she wants them to feel what their victims felt."
"Ooh yes. You both merged when you fell from heaven. I remember."
"It's not easy being a fallen angel. I didn't have a choice. You chose to be here."
"Yes, but I know God will eventually forgive you. How many do you need to save? I still have 934."
"1062 more to go."
"You going to the Angels dinner this weekend?"
"Maybe. I am a fallen Arch after all."
"Lilith, just be there."
"Fine. We better leave soon, this place will be crawling with police once they find Benjamin Smith, who died the same way as his dead girlfriend."

We fly off our separate ways. I head home waiting for another message from God for someone else I need to save.

Mary, the only other friend I have in this world. She is well known as the mother of the savior, but she was an angel before the scriptures. I'm well known too, but I'm the opposite.

We were incomplete, my twin and I. I didn't have eyes and she didn't have a voice. We were connected by our thoughts, and that's what saved us from the first war. Yet we couldn't make it to safety when God took out our flight and we fell. We couldn't stand to be separate so we held on to each other as tightly as we could. The heat of entering the atmosphere fused us into one. We wanted forgiveness and was given to Adam, but we were taken away, and Eve was made. We were the one that Cain slaughtered, but we still prayed for God's forgiveness. God brought us back with instructions. We have to save souls; to intervene when God couldn't. That has been our task for thousands of years. One day we'll be able to go back to the heavenly garden of our birt