My eyes are blurry with tears. Arms wrap around me and a familiar voice of Mary fills my ears. She sounds happy. Carefully she wipes away my tears and I see all these familiar faces that I've known for thousands of years. One face in particular has a satisfied look. Lucifer has this smile that I can't understand. Is he happy, or is he smug? I don't know.

Thoughts are filling my head. I started thinking about my sons. I have the freedom to see my sons, and I could see heaven for the first time since I fell. Gabriel announces that I was forgiven by God and I was free. Mary lifts me up and walks me out of the dinner.

"Lilith I'm taking you home. This is too much excitement for you."

Mary walked me to the angel community home to my room. She stayed with me until I fell asleep. She stayed when I woke up.

"Mary don't you need to work on your charge?" I ask as she made me food.

"Not right now. They have a few days, but you are important right now."

There were one other angel sitting at a different table. He was surprised that I was there. I'm now the infamous angel that was freed from the bonds of servitude. I think it shows that it is possible that angels can be free.

"So, what are you going to do with your new freedom?" she asks me.

"I must see the stars before I go home. I've never really seen what heaven looks like."

"I'm sure you'll be overwhelmed, but you'll love it. Are you coming back? Earth is all you know."

"I will. I have three reasons to be back."

"I do hope I'm one of them."

"I can't leave my best friend. After all we do have something in common."

"When you get there let my Son know that I'm still thinking of him."

"That's if I see him."

"Don't worry, you will. The Son of God will be grateful for you. Maybe he can answer your questions."

"Maybe. I do have all the time in the world now."

"You can see the entire galaxy, see other lifeforms. Many of us are jealous of you, but I know one day we will be like you. Free."

"It's still surreal. I died twice, my stars are hidden, and God forgives me."

"God always had a plan for you. We just never knew what it was, and if that plan involves our freedom then it must be good. And it just proves what Lucifer said long time ago."

We finished talking and I got myself ready to meet Michael. I hugged Mary very tightly, and I promised to come back. I found Michael, he was talking with Lucifer. They both saw me and motioned me over.

"Lilith. What are you doing here?" Michael asked.

"I think you know. She wants to see them." Lucifer chimed.

"It doesn't help that you took things into your own hands."

"But they are free. All it took was a word from the actual devil."

"It was a bloody massacre!"

"Still got them out. It may have given me more souls to save, but at least God showed that it's possible for angels to be free."

I put my hands up to stop the conversation.

"I know this is up to debate but I would really like to see them." I say.

"You deserve every right to see your family. What else are you going to do?" ask Michael.

"Heaven. Last I remember it was dark blue void with many stars. I wonder how much that changed."

"Well, best of luck." he says.

"Thanks, I'll come back."

"You better." Lucifer huffs. He walks away.

Michael tells me where my sons are and I give him a hug.

"Lucifer. We'll meet again soon."

we parted ways, and I flew, invisibly, to where my sons were. I saw them, and I saw new faces.

"MOTHER!" all three of my sons yelled simultaneously and they jumped me. Hugging me really tight.

"Mother what are you doing here?" Mikulu asked.

"Mother you look so different." says Sam.

"Mother are you doing okay?" asked Wolf.

"One at a time boys!" I breathed out.

The other faces are nervously looking at us. We are in a fully furnished cabin in the middle of nowhere. Eventually they let go of me.

"Excuse me, my boys are very affectionate. I'm Lilith, your ancestor." I extend my hand towards them.

One of them was brave enough to take my hand.

"Pleased to meet you. I'm Robert, this is my daughter Melody, and her child."

"Oh my, how precious. It's been too long since I held babies."

"You aren't going to hurt us?" Melody asks.

"Don't be silly. I'm not the monster in those biblical stories. I did what I had to do to save Wolf and Sam. I know it sounds weird, but I am your ancestor."

"Sorry, we are still wrapping our head around that. All we ever known was being locked up and doing whatever those guys tell us to do."

"Well we are going to do whatever it takes to make sure they will never take you again."

"Mother you still haven't told us why you are here." says Wolf.

"I haven't. Much to your father's delight, God has forgiven me. I have been free to do whatever I want."

the look on all of my sons faces was priceless.


"You're free?"

I look at them, smiling and trying not to cry again. "Yes, I'm free."

they couldn't contain their happiness. I tell them that after I'm done visiting that I'll go to heaven.

"Sam, since I have freedom, I can take you there. If you want, of course."

"You mean..."

"Yes, you can see him if you want."

He looks to his brothers.

"Only if I get to come back."

"I was planning of coming back anyways."

"Okay. Would he be happy?"

"Maybe. He never knew you existed, but he'll just have to get used it."

few days later, I get Sam and we start ascending. I flew us to heaven. The most beautiful place in the universe. Stars everywhere, and many angels looking at us. We find Adam, and he was confused. The Son found us. He greeted me with such reverence. I tell him about Mary. He congratulated me on my freedom. This is a start of a new life for me. A life where my secrets are still hidden from the world, but I can do whatever I want. I never knew happiness in my thousands of years, but now I understand why angels would fall for it.