"The ghosts had always been there.

It just took her a few years to realize that she was the only person who could see them."

Sarah brushed aside her hair, skipping down her stairs into her kitchen. Smiling at her grandmother, she grabbed a piece of toast from the toaster and raced out the door before nodding to her pop. She raced across the yard and patted the head of Smoky the cat before grabbing her bike and stuffing her helmet on. Toast in mouth, and pedaled away, She swerved to avoid a stray dog and waved at Mr. Carson, from four houses down.

After thirty minutes Sarah finished her toast and biked through the gate into the meadow. She put it against the gate and put a lock on it before looking around. She breathed in and smelled the heather and leaped into the grass in joy. Her sneakers immediately sprung her up onto the dirt and she started sprinting. At the end of her run she eventually got into a forest, where she almost instantly found a clearing with a meadow in the middle. It was lush and green, and it had her best friends in it.

There were the deer. The sparkling, beautiful deer stood there, does and bucks alike. Only once she was able to touch them, she believed so hard. Or maybe they let her. She'd never know. Otherwise, her hands went right through them. Like everyone she had seen that day, they were ghosts.