Jason can't help but admire his physique in the mirror as he brushed your teeth. And who could blame him, he worked hard over the years sculpting it in the gym. Most guys he worked out with wanted to be huge, but not Jason, he always found that a little grotesque, no he wanted a body that was tight and compact with definition. It was useful to him when he played basketball.

Jason finished brushing his teeth and started getting dressed for his day. Grabbing some jeans and a tight shirt with a band logo on it, he loved wearing tight shirts because it showed off his abs to the ladies.

Jason skipped breakfast giving his mom a kiss goodbye and waving to his dad as he left. Jason jumped into his mustang and sped off. Drawing ever closer to the inevitable change.

He made it to school in time to be ushered in with the huge crowd of other students, being pushed around by the ones behind them Jason was mentally preparing himself for the monotony of the day when someone from behind him shoved passed him knocking Jason into someone else who grabbed a hold of him to keep him from falling. "Thanks for the save man," He tells the stranger, he was a few inches taller than Jason so he had to look up to see his handsome face.

"No problem," he said, still holding him while the crowd moved passed them both. He was holding Jason really close and tight, but thankfully he let him go once there was a part in the crowd.

Jason made his way to his first class, it was boring as usual and found himself daydreaming of the last girl he had managed to convince to go out with him. It had been several months since he was with his ex. She dumped him, stating he wasn't "romantic" whatever the hell that meant. Though if he had to guess holding her close was probably romantic than just her watching him play games with his friends. It certainly felt nice when that guy held him. [Fuck that!] he told himself, [Damn I need to get laid.] Maybe this time he'd be a little more romantic with the next girl. It'd ensure he'd get laid more for sure. He assured himself.

Jason was thinking of the party coming up tomorrow night when out of the corner of his eye he sees the guy next to him drop his pen. Jason leaned down to pick it up at the same time he did and narrowly avoid hitting his head with his, but his lips brushed his, well more than brushed he kissed his lips. Jason snapped back, realizing it was the same guy who was holding him in the halls. He smiled at Jason and laughed, Jason nervously laughed himself. It really was ridiculous he couldn't help but laugh at how nice his lips felt against his own. [What?!] Jason blushed and tried to force it out of his mind.

Jason stares at his textbook trying not to look at the guy he just kissed sitting next to him.

Suddenly a piece of paper slid into your field of view. It was the guy, of course, trying to pass a note. Jason glanced at him and felt his heart lurch. What could he possibly want? Hand shaking he reached for the note and thought seriously about crumpling it up but felt it would be wrong, especially considering he was nice so far. Maybe he wanted to put it behind the both of you. Jason opened the note, it was a phone number! He presumed it was his, and the word "text?" Jason looked around checking to make sure the teacher was still going on about whatever it was he was supposed to be learning. He opened his phone and added his number into his phone and sent him a text.

[Hey] he messaged

{Awfully formal for a guy you made out with} he responded

Jason wanted to get pissed off and say how you didn't make out and how it was an accident, but he didn't want to cause a scene and have others find out.

{relax it's a joke}


{it's fine you look cute when you blush}

The hell did that mean? Unfortunately, Jason blushed and he felt like he was only making it worse.

{my name is tom btw}

[ Jason]

A few minutes passed with no texting, he hoped it was done with

{you going to taylor's party?}

Of course he knew about Taylor's party, the whole school was talking about it since Monday.


{Cool, maybe ill see you there}

He wanted to ask him what Tom meant by that but were afraid of what he might say, afraid he might be talking about hooking up and afraid he might not be and he was just blowing it out of proportion.


He glanced over and saw Tom flash a smile. Jason shifted in his seat and he could almost swear he was checking him out. Luckily he didn't bother Jason the rest of class.

Later that evening, Jason dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt with a panic! at the disco band logo on the chest and a denim jacket. He said goodbye to his parents and promised you wouldn't drink and drove to the party.

Jason chatted up some girls at the party while having a few drinks with them they seemed a little standoffish and you sadly haven't even seen Jessica, a girl he was hoping to convince to let him sleep with her if nothing else. Then he noticed Tom across the party, the crowd seemed to part like some weird romance movie [romance movie? where'd that come from] he thinks. He didn't realize he was staring at Tom for nearly five minutes until his bladder broke the spell.

Jason made his way upstairs where he was told the bathrooms were when he tripped on the top step. Lucky some strong hands reached out and caught him from behind. "Whoa there, we wouldn't want to mess up that pretty face now would we?" Jason hears the hands asks, or maybe it was their owner. The hands and the voice helped him up the last step holding him around his waist, in his drunken haze it seemed like a good idea. Reaching the top of the stairs he turns around and sees him again, Tom.

"T-thank you." Jason blushed, realizing once again he was coming to Jason's rescue. And once again, caressing Jason.

"N-no problem." Tom teased causing him to blush even deeper. "You look cute when you blush." he says, your face felt like it was on fire. "I saw you staring at me while you were chatting with your girlfriends."

"Girls..." god his mind was suddenly clouded, whatever they were serving certainly snuck up on you.

"Yeah, they can be real chatty, who needs them right?"

"Yeah" he slurred, who needs those bitches. They were giving him nothing anyway.

"I need..." Jason tries to say, god it feels like his brain was mush.

"What do you need cutie?"

"b-bathroom." he finally managed.

He smiles at Jason and takes him to a room off the hallway holding his hand. It made sense, after all, he didn't know where he was going and he can't really walk. Finally, they found an empty bedroom. "No." Jason slurred "Bathroom."

He opens a door in the bedroom revealing a bathroom. "Right here cutie." he made a mental note to when he sobered up he really need to ask him to stop calling him cutie.

"Can you handle it or do you need more help?" he asks.

Jason pushed him onto the bed and took himself to the toilet.


"Oh I got a good look, thanks." Tom interrupts causing him to blush again. "Come here," he says seductively as he pulled him onto the bed with him. Dizzy Jason falls easily. Soon he was face to face in bed with a guy. At least he was cute. [WHAT THE FUCK!] he thinks. [Sure he's cute but I'm not gay!] Tom takes his hand in his with terrible timing because Jason moans from his overabundance of drinking. "I feel the same way," he says taking his hand and guiding it to the front of his pants. [Oh my god! he's hard!]And huge. [What? What do I care if he's huge.] Jason realizes he's let go of his hand and he's still been rubbing him on his own. Before he can speak Tom reaches out to rub Jason. Shocked he opens his mouth to curse him out and he sticks his tongue down Jason's throat. He tries to shout in protest but they just sound like moans of pleasure.

"No." Jason finally manages feeling himself sober up enough to push Tom away and vocalize his protest.

"No?" he asks.

"I don't want this," he moans sitting up.

He sighs looking a little hurt and rejected. "I understand, I don't want to push you into anything you weren't ready for." No not ready for, didn't want! Jason was about to say when someone opens the bedroom door and stumbles in. It's a girl, but he couldn't make out who with the light behind her.

"No, wait!" Jason shout at her

She laughs drunkenly "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were in here with your boyfriend." she stumbles out of the room.

"He's not my boyfriend!" Jason yelled after her, but it's too late, she's gone and she'll probably tell everyone! Jason looked at tom hating him and yourself, Jason pulled up his pants and stormed off back downstairs to start pounding red cups of alcohol once more.

He was on his fifth cup when he decided to hell with the party and headed for the door. Jason nearly knocked himself out when he opened the door and it knocked him back. Once more a pair of hands caught him. "Looks like I'm saving you again cutie." Tom says pulling him close. The sneaky booze starts hitting him once again and he turned around and rests on Tom's shoulder. He's so strong yet soft, perfect for resting his head on. [WTF?] He realized he was actually dancing with Tom, now in full view of everyone. Jason tears himself free of Tom and stumbles out the still open door to his car.

Tom chases after Jason with concern in his eyes. Just as he feared Jason was trying to get into his car and drive. He snatches the keys from his hands. Either he's stone sober and Jason is drunker than he thought or Tom is faster than him, either thought infuriates him more as he reaches for his keys. He effortlessly keeps them out of his reach. Jason tries to shove him but he was ready for it, bracing himself. His shove rebounded on him knocking him on his butt. "I'm sorry but I wont let you drive like this okay? Let me take you home."

Tired and drunk he agrees. "Whatever, I just want to forget this night." Tom helps him into the passenger seat, buckling him in, no need to give a cop an excuse, and drives off.

"I'm sorry if I pushed you back there." He says about a half-mile from the party.

[What's he talking about?] "You didn't push me, I just wasn't ready." He says defending his shove. If he was sober he could take him he assured himself.

He sees his eyes light up. Why? "When do you think you'll be ready?" he asks.

"When I ain't drunk, duh," Jason says, talking with those girls must be rubbing off on him.

"Oh? What's your plans for tomorrow?"

"Nursing a hangover no doubt," he tells him closing his eyes and resting his head against the cool window.

"How about the next day?" he asks.

"I don't know, probably a movie," he says dreamily not noticing Tom's or his own smile.

"Sounds great, how about we meet there at seven and see what's playing?"

You were barely listening. "Sounds great, it's a date." you giggle at your drunken rhyme. He assumes you're happy about your date and fails to notice the rhyme.

"Great! Now, what's your address?"