The big day finally arrived! Prom night was upon the Glover house, Mary met Kara and Erin in their house with a chorus of excited chatter before they went to Kara's room. "Alright, pack it up." Kara threw a sock at Kyle who was hypnotized fighting an eight-armed monster.

"Jerk." Kyle stood and turned ready to throw it back when he suddenly stopped.

"I told you yesterday we'd be using the room all day."

"He can stay if he wants." Mary smiled. Kyle blushed and sat with a flop back into the bean bag chair. Kara shrugged expecting him to become bored very soon.

"Fabulous. Now, Erin, sit here." She sat Erin on her chair as she methodically began taking out the curlers Erin had placed the night before. Kyle obediently took each one placing it in a basket for Mary with a smile. "Do you think you know who is going to like it?"

"I think he might." She smiled warmly as if she was already there in whoever's arms would soon be leading her on the dance floor.

"You know who she's taking? Erin won't tell me." Erin's smile faded partway to shame.

"Of course I met 'em." Mary was great at keeping secrets, making her the ideal person to confide in but not the best person when you're curious about who your sister is taking to prom.

Half an hour into setting Kara's and Erin's hair, Kyle stayed around getting Mary a drink when she said she was thirsty and getting her another before she could run out of the previous. He was beginning to wear on Kara a bit when he stayed through the applications of each of their makeup and blissfully watched as Mary painted her face. Thankfully, finally, Mary took him out of the room so they could change in their own rooms.

"Don't you think you should tell me? He should be here tonight right?" Kara gasped suddenly and dramatically, "Is it a she?" Erin rolled her eyes and stepped into her room silently. "I wouldn't care you know." She barely had to shout through the thin walls to know she was heard, something that constantly annoyed them both in the past. "It would be a little hypocritical of me if I did." Still, she revealed nothing.

Knowing Kara would get nothing out of her she decided to dress. She slipped into her blue mermaid dress. It's empire waist giving her elegant curves in places yet to develop. She adjusted the sweetheart top feeling the glittering stones that extended downward from the top hem to the knees. She twisted and turned to the mirror to assure herself her dress was not bunching in all the wrong places. She began to feel self-conscious at the sight of her exposed back. In her younger and more male days, she had gone shirtless many times to swim or just play a pick-up game but this felt different, more exposed than ever before. More intimate.

Kara heard the bell and stepped out of her room and spied Erin around the corner looking anxiously at the living room. "You look amazing so I don't know why you're so nervous." She did, she looked more beautiful than she had ever seen her in her short, dark green, tiered dress, the appliques forming into tiny almost flowers blooming out of what could be thought of like a vase if it were a solid structure.

"I should have told you sooner." She said apologetically.

"I'm sure whoever it is I'll like him...or her."

She smiled never betraying a clue. "I think you will too." She gave Kara a final hug before she took a stabilizing breath before holding her head up high and strutting forth.

"You look awesome!" Billy gasped, or what passed for a gasp for his gym bro personality.

"What he said." Tom agreed before pulling Kara into a hug and a kiss after shaking himself out of shock.

"They really do," Mary said with a hint of self-congratulations on an amazing job.

"Alright, squeeze in." Joe held up a camera illustrating his intention, "You know the deal." Kara, Tom, Billy, and Erin squeezed together in front of the mantle. "Say cheesus." Kara rolled her eyes and smiled at her dad's lame joke he made every time he took a picture. The camera flashed in her eyes nearly blinding everyone and again multiple times as she posed with Tom, then solo, then with Erin. The only relief came when it was her turn to be subjected to the odd form of torture.

After the spots cleared from Kara's eyes she saw Kyle finally working up the courage to ask Mary if she played any games. Meanwhile, Erin clung to Billy's arm protectively while her dad talked to him. "I think I'm blind." Tom rubbed his eyes slowly.

"Did you know about this?"

"That I'd have a star explode in my face? No."

"You know you do that whenever you lie to me right?"

Tom blinked as his eyesight returned, "Guess it's a good thing I don't intend to do it a lot." He smiled then faltered returning to his usual serious expression. "I knew, Billy told me."

"He told you? When?"

"A few weeks ago."

"Why didn't you tell me?" She was shocked, Tom wasn't exactly an open book but he didn't keep secrets from her.

"He asked me not too."

"Why didn't he tell me then? He's my friend. Why didn't she? She's my sister."

Tom shrugged, "Maybe they thought you had enough on your plate." She scrunched up her face as she watched Joe shake Billy's hand.

After the talking was done she and Erin hugged her dad and one more picture with Mary and Kyle before leaving. "Right this way my dudes!" Billy exclaimed as he opened the door to the rented stretch limo.

"Oh wow!" Erin gasped.

"How could you afford this?!"

"It was easy, I picked up extra shifts at Mac'd's and me and Tom split the cost."

"Well, you did good. " Erin smiled before kissing Billy on the lips.

One eye roll and several minutes later Kara was riding in the back of a beautiful stretch limo holding a glass of champagne watching the tiny bubbles, the bubbles as the formed promised to take all her cares and that nagging feeling she would not understand for years would be gone. And then they explode out of existence with the cold truth that it was only a temporary fix so she needed more. "What's wrong?" Erin asked already on her second glass.

"Nothing." Nervously she took her first sip and rested her head on Tom's shoulder assuring herself he would be the one she would dance with tonight and more.

The Belmont was the ritziest hotel in town hosting over ten stories of rooms, a piano bar, a full-sized swimming pool, fully equipped gym, and a grand ballroom where the foursome was set to arrive at any moment. "Dude!" Erin gasped as she took in the vaulted ceilings lined with balloons.

The floor filled with students dancing quickly to the beat of some pop song Kara didn't recognize, "Let's get a drink?" She asked Tom holding on to his arm still.

"We're gonna dance." Erin pulled on Billy.

"Guess we're dancing," Billy said to Kara with a chuckle as he was pulled into the crowd.

Later Kara and Tom found themselves on the dancefloor. Tom was a much better dancer than she was so she followed his lead taking cues from his body movements and what she saw other girls doing. Being a natural athlete that she is she manages to do much better.

As the song ends Erin grabbed Kara's wrist, "We're going to powder our noses." She informs the boys with a smile as she drags her to the bathroom.

Kara stood before the mirror confirming what she already knew, that her makeup is perfect and her crown of flowers wrapped in her singular braid and her cascade of curls are flawless.

Erin busied herself making sure the stalls were all empty before turning to Kara, "Do you have a problem with me dating Billy?"

"Does he make you happy?"

"He does." She smiled blissfully without looking at her.

She wasn't surprised by her answer, deep down she always knew he was a sweet guy. "Then I'm happy."

Erin pulled her into a hug before Kara realized it was happening. One thing that she was happily getting used to is how different girls can be when they show affection towards one another. If it had been Billy he probably would have punched her in the arm or a fist bump.

A few moments later they were back in the ballroom where she found Melanie in a pink and sparkling gown talking to Tom. "Did you lose a bet?"

"No." She punched Kara's arm as she laughed. "It's a special occasion so I thought I would dress special. Besides what else was I supposed to wear? A tux?"

"I mean, I just didn't"

"Can't help what your favorite color is." Melanie shrugged.

"Well, you look phenomenal!" Erin said excitedly as she examined Melanie's dress.

"Really. Absolutely amazing," Kara agreed giving Melanie a hug.

"And you two! Your hair!" She gasped excitedly.

After several hours of dancing, talking, and having punch the night draws ever closer to the inevitable. The night she had been looking forward to and worrying about since she realized such a thing was a possibility.

The dancers weeded out to the rest of their night wherever it is they would be, Kara and a dozen other couples stayed on the dance floor. The DJ seems to slow the tempo as if to hint he wanted everyone to leave already. "Kara?" Tom asks softly holding her close as the two sway softly on the floor.

"Hmm?" She keeps her head to his chest already knowing what he's going to ask.

"If you're ready I can take you home."

"W-home?" She pulled away from Tom still holding onto him.

"Why? Did you want to go somewhere else?"

"Well...I thought we know." She felt her face blushing.



"Go upstairs to a room that your boyfriend got in advance on the off chance you wanted to use it?"

She smiled laying her head back on his chest. "No. I was going to say go have ice cream. You got your mind in the gutter." She giggled softly.

"What if I told you there was ice cream in the room?"

"Okay, just the ice cream. Don't get any ideas, mister."

The ride in the elevator up to their room was exciting, she couldn't believe this was happening. Walking to her door was terrifying, she couldn't believe this was happening. Suddenly without warning, Tom picked Kara up carrying her over the threshold of her hotel room. Lost in her emotional roller coaster she didn't notice Tom unlocking the door.

"Someone's excited!" She giggled nervously.

"If you ask nicely maybe I'll show you just how excited I am," Tom smirked before dropping her gently on the bed.

She giggled again as she bounces on the soft bed. Tom smiled as he followed Kara onto the bed her backing away until she found herself stopped by the large fluffy pillows blocking the headboard. "No more bed." She giggled nervously.

Tom smiled before kissing her lips softly. "No more bed." He smiled. "What are you gonna do now?" He kisses her neck softly.

"I...had" she gasped feeling his tongue against her neck. "an idea" she giggled as he kissed her shoulder, "but suddenly...I can't think."

"I have an idea. If you're game." His hands slide the dress from her shoulders.

Swallowing nervously she nods. "I-I'm game. Just...well you know."

Tom chuckles. "I know." He brushes the hair out her face. "I love you."

She smiles kissing Tom. "I know. I love you too."