My collection

Plaid jacket, short hair

It is fall, we hold hands on the crisp morning

We talk of dreams

This may be too captivating

Summer afternoon, you lead me to the beach

We watch the birds

No one is here and the waves crash on the shoreline

You tell me I am beautiful

I wake you up to eat dinner

You whisper in a groggy voice

I push your hair out of your eyes

You kiss my forehead

I stare at my assignment

I keep sighing in frustration, like a broken record

You stare and take a picture

"I'm proud of you"

We wrap ourselves in one another

"I want twins"

"do you know how much that costs?"

You laugh at me, you don't care how much it costs

It was winter, the night of my birthday

You had a terrible cold

You didn't have to come out to dinner, but you did anyway

I cut my long hair

I changed the color

I asked you what you thought

"I like blonde on you"

You dropped me off at home at 12 AM

We sang songs in the car

You could never hit high notes, and I loved pointing it out

The morning I found out my brother died

You couldn't say much, so you just held me

When people left me behind

You cursed them

I always cried

You always cursed them more and kissed me

I loved seeing small animals

So you saved pictures you came across

And showed me when I visited after work

You touched my scarred skin in the dark

I tried to hide imperfections

But they weren't imperfections to you

And perhaps we are meant to be

Maybe you're my other half

And I just might regret it if I ever let you go