My heart burns with love for you

My body aches to be held and cuddled till I'm split in two

I want to see you cry for me, I want to see you laugh because of my jokes

I wish I was enough,

I wish I wasn't your lame version of a joke

You're amazing.

You held my heart without telling me yours was slowly crushing

Crushing mine.

You were my world. I spent hours staring, waiting for something

Waiting or anything from you

So how is it?

How does it feel, to take something so pure and smash it to shit?

My eyes only ever wanted to see you

That's why I planned a trip, only something long distance has to do

Why is the distance not enough?

Why has the distance not what made my love tough?

They say I was too open with you

Yet, you said that you liked me for being open with you

I wish i could burn your body like you've burned mine

In every relationship it's a two way street, so why did you only toe the line?

Why was it so hard to love me?

Why am I not worthy of you?

You know what's sad?

What's the worst is I can't feel angry with you, my beating heart won't be mad.

My heart which you set on fire from second one

That you officially burned, second to none.

I've been sexually harassed, dumped, crushed, and held.

But no one ever burned me quite as badly, and the scalding burning can be smelled miles away

You can smell the vomit on my hair,

I took a shower, and nothing would stay down there.

My eyes wouldn't stop crying,

And my stomach wouldn't stop heaving

I am used.

I am broken and bruised.

I know you knew I loved you till death do us part

So why wait this long to break my heart?

Tell me, was I too needy

Too annoying?

Tell me, because I need you and I need the one thing I can't have

I need your heart to cave

To tell me what I did to drive you away

Please, please tell me you'll stay

If it's a joke I forgive everything.

I will give you anything.

Anything for you to love me

But if I can't have that, I'd give anything for you to be happy.

Please be happy, one of us needs to be.