Sunday Morning

Around three in the morning, she started to come to. She was in the bed. She searched for the knife in her back pocket. She finally found it and gripped it tight. She laid still as not to alert anyone to her being awake. She could hear voices getting louder the more she came to.

"This was not supposed to happen this way. Why did you knock on the door? She wouldn't have woken up if you hadn't"

"Couldn't get in without doing so."

"I told you to call me when you got to the lobby. I would have gotten you in. Now I have to clean up this mess."

"I thought she would be alone by the time I got here. That was your job."

"I tried to tell you that I was having complications, but you wouldn't listen."

"Well, you wouldn't just tell me what was going on. You were being very vague on the phone."

"Sloan. She was laying in the bed next to me. What was I supposed to say? I'm ready. Come on up so we can kidnap her."

"You couldn't have come up with anything?"

"Don't. Just don't. Oh, and why did you come at me? You could have risked everything."

"I didn't know if she was awake and you don't want her knowing you're in on it too. That's why you're where you are right now."

Sloan walked around the room and crept up behind Naomi. He got close enough to tell she was still breathing. "At least this is one of the better ones, Cody."

Better ones? She thought to herself while slowly opening the knife. When his hand reached her waist, she twisted and plunged the knife into his neck. He fell backwards as she pulled it back out. She stood over him shaking with fear. Turning around to find Cody, he was tied to a chair.

"Baby, you have got to help me out of here. I don't know what he wanted with us, but it wasn't good."

"I heard everything you said to him. I know you set this whole thing up. So that is Sloan? Was that phone call even about work or was it about me? Looks like this game is mine now. Your friend is dead and your still tied up."

"No, Naomi. I was trying to stop him. You saw him attack me."

"Stop. You sound pathetic. I could kill you too, but that would mean jail time. It was in self-defense when I killed your buddy over there, but you're tied up and I don't plan on changing that."

She searched Sloan for his phone while Cody begged her to believe him and let him loose. She ignored him while she searched his pockets and his coat. Nothing. She searched the room for her own phone and finally taped Cody's mouth shut with the duct tape laying on the table. The gash on her head was starting to bleed too much. She knew she had to get out of there. She started to stumble around and couldn't risk passing out again.

She picked up her stuff and put her shoes on. She took one last look at Cody.

"We really had some good sexual chemistry. It could have been a fun ride while you were here."

She walked into the lobby and saw no one around. She was still struggling to keep her balance. She was covered in a mix of her blood and Sloan's from head to thigh. She finally made her way across the street and into the bar. She collapsed inside the front door. She could hear glasses crash as someone made their way towards her.

"Naomi! Talk to me. What happened?"

"Cody. 209," was all she could get out while she pointed towards the direction of the hotel.