he squeezed the trigger and let loose a flurry of bullets at his duel opponent, a human by the name of dirk. The bullets ripped through his flesh, leaving him a mass of gurgling death, his body heaving as the life and blood drained from his person. Another notch in the belt for the duel bot Jones Mc'Bulet, an inter-stellar gunslinging bot designed to mow down all the fiercest gunman in the sol system. Jones picked up his cred from the local saloon, a dusty establishment in a dusty moon, a mining town almost a ghost town due to the lack of ore to be mined. He checks off a list coming up on his hud and brings up his nav to seek out another challenger, this time one by the name of sanchez sanchez, residing on an asteroid outpost, a colorful town reminiscent of a post colonial settlement, faux spanish architecture comprising most of the buildings in the sun drenched outpost. He boards his spaceship, a dinged up mark 10 slip scoop. Jones types in the destination codes for his next duel, his ship begins its ascent into the soaring blue sky of the moon and onto more duels. It's his programming to duel, and hes out to prove he's the fastest dueler in the system and beyond.

When he arrives at the del rio asteroid outpost he finds himself in need of a recharge. He lands his slip scoop at the space port and takes a mag lev train to the a charging saloon, a robot bar. The whole asteroid is done up in a post colonial spanish style, with plazas and church towers dotting the settlement. The android Jones Mc'bulet finds himself in a robot bar hooked up the a charge cable, slowing, deliberately taking in the scene whilst looking up the dossier on Sanchez Sanchez, the madman duelist, known for dueling with twin sub-machine guns. His picture shows him with a belt with grenades strung across his chest, his long scraggly hair pasted across his face, Jones ponders this madman's visage for a moment as his charge is finishing up. on stage a droid dances seductively to a synth jazz quartet. He's ready to deal out some death. He checks his weapons, duel hand cannons with magnum depleted uranium bullets. Nothings can stop him on his single minded mission to become the best gunslinger in the system. Sanchez Sanchez is merely another notch in belt, another obstacle to overcome. He flashes the droid behind the bsr some cred for the charge and leaves the bar, the bustle of the synth jazz reaching its peak just as he walk out into the hot sun.