She met jones a high venutian plain. The battered robot with a las pistol at his side and the rougish women with revenge on her mind. The duel was set, it was near noon on the burning plateau of the terra formed planet. They drew their pitols. Her casting a grazing hit on jones metal body and jones a grazing hit near temple creating a singe at her temple. she went to the groud and delivered four more shots from her las pistol to the robot, one a direct hit to his metal thorax, causing the robot to fly backwards, as he's flying backwards he lets off a volley of shots from his immense las pistol, all of them near misses. At last the robot jones has been vanquished she thinks. She picks up her belongings including the slaneesh and walks back into town to pick up her purse. It seems this time the robot wasnt quick enough on the draw to outmatch the women and her pet.