After taking those hits from the Slaneesh killer the junk heap gunman got his parts together and sought out a charging and repair shop to get his shizz together and hunt her down. He hobbled to a dusty Cantina and found a repair shop in the back. as the droid put him back together he pulled up his HUD and looked for the slaneesh killer. In the game of duels, she was top dog now, but few were playing at such a high level that he didn't fear anybody getting to her before he did. After his charge and an upgrade to his speed circuits he began his journey to seek her out.

They met once again in a dilapidated city scape, he would not be bested this time. he had gotten several upgrades to his armor and speed and for all intents and purposes was a new bot. She had made a fatal mistake by not taking him out completely. A bitingly cold wind circled around them as they faced each other. She pulled out her las pistol first and fired a volley from her hip. The junk heap bot anticipated this and ducked, taking out his own hand cannon he fired several shots, one grazing her shin as she, in her hyped up slaneesh state ducked behind a crumbling slab of concrete.

Give up now and I'll let you live, the bot chimed in his faux English accent.

Never, she yelled from behind the concrete, reloading her las pistol, you killed my one true love. She emerged from the concrete chunk blasting, the robot managed to duck missing all three of her highly charged shots. he knew she had three more before she had to recharge.

He offered a volley of his own this time one hitting her square in the chest and another right in her face, exploding her head and leaving nothing but a singed headless corpse behind. The junk heap gunman was successful once again.