There was a flash and then in lightning quick movements they were upon them, six bio-engineered drones, their hard outer bug shells resistant to most terran weaponry. It happened in moments, bang, bang, they eradicated a whole platoon of regulars. They came launching from a ship in outer orbit of the small terra-formed moon. They came in search of the siren, a powerful psy human capable of mass destruction with telekinetic powers. Her name is Amy-2467, a prototype. Her powers are used to quell and stimulate the massive clone armies of the sterion forces. The only thing standing between her and the six heavy bio engineered drones was a group of ill equipped conscripts.

Do you have her secured, voiced a captain aboard the orbiting ship.

Not yet captain facing heavy resistance from the group of local fighters.

The battle raged on, rpgs and scudd missiles filling the air in a desperate attempt to stave off the drones who were engaging in evasive maneuvers, the sky lit with streaks from rockets.

Then she awoke. Amy 2467, and with her psy abilities ripped open a drone, shredding it to smithereens and sending it careening into the ocean. As she rose from her meditative sleep she encased the last regiment of troops in a telekinetic shield as they would not take any more casualties from the drones, who were manufactured in a bipedal almost egg shaped robots, impervious to bullets but not to the techniques and powers of Amy 2467.

Facing heavy resistance one of the drones piped to the orbiting troop carrier. These were their most elite units and a destruction of a single unit meant a heavy loss. Within a matter of minutes the powerful psy had decimated the remaining droids, leaving their thick carapaces littering the town below. The regular soldiers let out a cheer as they watch their foes vanquished with such ease. The Sterion Empire in a bid to recover one of its rouge psys had encountered more trouble than they could handle. The only recourse now was to fight fire with fire and bring in another psy to either quell amy2467 or destroy her.